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Status Updates posted by Bronychan1214

  1. So tired....So confused....So derpy XD

  2. Storm has passed I am now calm :D

    1. Discordly Cutiepie

      Discordly Cutiepie

      its a good thing *thumbs up* *twinkle*

    2. Bronychan1214


      Yes hmm indeed

  3. Storm has passed I am now cam :D

  4. The max days I have stayed up is 6, I have started over now on 2 :D

  5. The wind slamming the doors makes it sound like the whole family is angry XD

  6. The wind slamming the doors makes it sound like the whole family is angry XD

  7. The worst soar throat I have ever had, had to appear on the three day weekend...

  8. Today was an interesting day XD Had to stop a fire spreading into a corn field :D, burned my arm and my clothes though :/ I love fire :3

  9. Ug again I cant sleep

  10. Websites for picture clarity?

  11. Websites for picture clarity?

  12. Weekend is finally here, dont think I could have gone to highschool another day.

  13. Well everypony this is it this account is officially dead, I wont be logging in after this status update, and I doubt anypony will answer this but I had fun, and hey who knows maybe I will be around again, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and have a great rest of the break fellow school goers but dont be surprised if you get a message anytime soon past good friends, it might be me. Bye bye V(^-^)V Peace

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      *hugs* I'll hope i see you someday again

    2. Celtore


      Take care, hope you have a great christmas too!

  14. Well goodnight everyone :P I got school in the morning which sucks, and no one really is talking to me anymore right now sooo bye x3

  15. When I travel by myself for the first time, I want to go to england

  16. Why am I craving milk so badly?

  17. Wish me luck on my written drivers test ;D

    1. CosmicHooves


      Good luck! :-)

    2. Bronychan1214


      Got home a little bit ago I hope I passed it

  18. Woke up with the biggest headache which I still have. And the had the joy to pick up an acre of sticks...hooray

    1. Malinter


      an acre of sticks?

    2. Bronychan1214


      Yes I own a acre of land with nothing but tress and it has stormed alot and I had to go pick them all up. I am finished now.

  19. Wow a very hot day made a girl pass out at school

  20. Wow I am falling asleep sitting up, think it is time for med goodnight everyone

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