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  1. Twylataffie2003

    Dark Sombra has returned! Part one

    It all started on a beautiful day in the crystal empire and a small little filly name star spin was on her way to school a day after the Crystal fair when suddenly a black and red dipped horn fell from the sky and knocked star spin out. _______________________________________________________________________________________ She woke up two days later in hospital surrounded by her family"where is it?! Where is it?!" she screamed " that thing where is it I need it! " but every-pony just stared at her so she desided to go and get it ( if it was there ) and find out what it was. So just as she had planned star spin went back to where she was and it was there and for some reason she recognised it. Suddenly the horn shaped thing shot up and started to spin all around the little Pegasus filly... I know it's not dark yet but all the parts to come will be. Ps all writes for the Sombra horn thing goes to BlobUlle you should check him out he's cool I wil only post more if people like it
  2. Twylataffie2003

    A possible season 5 villan

    Ponies use bits as money. Whatch putting your hoof down
  3. Twylataffie2003

    A possible season 5 villan

    Im not it's just a season 5 ( grammar check ! ) head cannon/theory/fanfic
  4. Ok so I don't know much about this topic I only know as much as the average brony and that's where you come in please tell me what you know so I can post an alicorn fanfic so thanks!
  5. Twylataffie2003

    A possible season 5 villan

    I ment she/he was mentioned in season 5! Zekromic it was to save time and I ment her whole family is in sn 5!
  6. Twylataffie2003

    A possible season 5 villan

    All starters out a nice day then fluttershy's brother or sister fly's in ( he or she was mentioned earlier in the season ) and ask if they can stay with her for a bit. ( pun lol ) then later the group take him/her in and forget fluttershy ( literally ). Then he/she reveles him/her as the ruler of the bat people and that his plan was to separate the elaments all along but they don't know what they are. But they meet flutter and remember her. Save the day yater yater the end. Please say if you liked it or not and if it needs improving and I will repost on The eighth.
  7. Twylataffie2003

    MLP:FiM Comic Book Series Discussion

    No offence but I don't know what dragon blaz z is. SOS
  8. Twylataffie2003

    MLP:FiM Comic Book Series Discussion

    And there is some one who does all of the comics main and friends 4ever I'll see who it is then post agin It's chronoshenron. What a wierd name!? ( lol )
  9. Twylataffie2003

    Anypony Want To Help Me Develop A Villain For A Fan-Fic?

    He could be the king of a new race and fluttershy's big brother who over takes her role in the mane six and then flutter has to defend herself and ( terns alicorn!!! ) :3 ;( :| vcghjhjvhfygvjhbygh
  10. Twylataffie2003

    Why was twilight made an alicorn?

    It may be because she is THE elament of magic but there's something else I just know it......