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    Uh... I am a comic artist... I am in love with Applejack (obvious)... My favourite band is Blackmore's Night... I have Borderline Personality Disorder... uh well. That's all I think...

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  1. ILoveApplejack

    hey everypony

    Of Course I will add you now Haha, Thank you very much. Thank you. Of course I want to make Brony friends. I think I arrived to a good place. Thanks. Thank you very much Samurott77
  2. ILoveApplejack

    hey everypony

    I Added you. I would love to be your friend too.
  3. ILoveApplejack

    hey everypony

    Hey. I am Endy and I'm 18. I was wondering why there were so many fans of My Little Pony of all ages and I didn't understand because I thought it was a show for little girls... So i decided to watch it and absolutely loved it, especially Applejack. I am a person with mental health issues and I am just recoering from a broken relationship and I usually feel really bad. This show has helped me see things in another way. I don't know any more people who is a Brony or Pegasister (though I think we should be all bronies) so I would like to meet new friends. Thank you.
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