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  1. I've heard a head cannon that pinkie pie is aware that she is being watched. If you assume that this is true, do you think that she has read the script?
  2. I'm actually decent at drawing and the design isn't an issue. I'm looking to maybe start a youtube channel and a digital oc would be the easiest to use. Unfortunately, affording a tablet isn't looking like it will happen in the near future... Thanks everyone who responded!!! This is helpful! I was kind of expecting more...trolls...
  3. Up in a cloud above Fluttershy's house, Rainbow Dash lies on her back and kicks the air lazily to propel the cloud backwards. She lazily slips off and floats to the ground. There is a stillness in the air. Nothing moves. Nothing sings. "Fluttershy?" Rainbow Dash calls out. She looks around the hen house. Empty. She looks in the pig pen. Empty. Rainbow Dash gathers herself and walks towards the house. This might be a prank. "Fluttershy?" Rainbow Dash knocks on door "I know you're in there". Quiet, then the door opens a crack and Fluttershy's eye becomes visable. "Oh hi there, come in," Fluttershy says. She opens the door and Rainbow Dash strides into the clean house. Rainbow Dash finds a seat on the couch. "Something's...different..."Rainbow Dash concludes. Fluttershy leaves the door open and walks to the kitchen. "I painted the walls," Fluttershy says. Rainbow Dash looks at the walls. They have not been painted. "Is that so?" Rainbow Dash says. She starts to pick at a stray string on the end of the couch. "I wanted everything to look nice. I always wanted them this color." The sound of pots and pans scraping against a stove top and cupboard doors open and shut leave the kitchen and reach a disinterested Rainbow Dash. "I don't think that it's very different from the old color. No, it's something else," Dash says. She starts to feel a strange calm. Fluttershy emerges from the kitchen holding a tray of food. She pulls a coffee table towards the couch and gingerly places the tray on the table. She looks expectantly at Rainbow Dash. "Have a snack," Fluttershy eagerly encourages her. Rainbow Dash picks up a sandwich. She starts chewing a bit and talking at the same time. "Where's Angel?" "I don't know," Fluttershy replies, looking away. "Are you worried?" Rainbow Dash perks up. Fluttershy shrinks. "No." "Where are the other animals?" "I don't know." Rainbow Dash looks at the open door. "Did you loose them? Did they run away? Did someone take them?" "I let them go." Fluttershy says. "Let them go? Why?!" Rainbow Dash asks. Who in their right mind would let a bunch of animals free without even worrying about them? Fluttershy takes a deep breath. She looks like she's in pain. Her eyes close tightly. Rainbow Dash looks at her. She's known Fluttershy for a long time. Fluttershy was in flight school with her. They had been friends before they'd know Pinkie or Rarity or Apple Jack or Twilight. Rainbow Dash though about what she knew of Fluttershy and couldn't think of why this would happen. "I let them go because they didn't need me. I let them go because if they didn't choose to stay here, then it would be wrong of me to keep them." and with these words Fluttershy started crying. "Hey it's not that bad," "Yes it is! And I'm tired of taking care of things that can take care of themselves." Rainbow Dash looked at the tray of food. There was a lot more sandwiches and cakes and crackers then one person would normally eat. Fluttershy looks with red eyes at Rainbow Dash. "When you get angry and take it out on me like when I wasn't cheering loud enough but you couldn't do a sonic rainboom. You didn't care about me when we were going up that mountain to see a dragon. You tried to ditch me and bulky biceps for the wonderbolts. You just yell and push but I'm sick of taking care of things that can take care of themselves. You could have studied for that exam alone! You could have taken the time to learn the material but you inconvenienced others because you think you're awesome. You don't appreciate my friendship or anyone else's friendship. You even ditched Gilda to be cool in front of people. I think you knew Gilda was a jerk but it took peer pressure to make you admit it." Rainbow Dash looked at Fluttershy. She looked for a long time. She stood up, quietly, and left.
  4. Do you stop getting to be a fan of the show based off of your personality? no.... Does doing charity work make you a nice person? no... Does preaching about the goodness of a show for its tolerance and then hating people who share different views on the show make you a hippocrate? yes...
  5. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: google. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was forced to watch the show by a friend. I only saw episodes 1 and 2 of season 1. I didn't like it or get it. Then I got bored and watched more. Eventually, I came to the realization that I liked the show and then I saw the fan and the more I watched, the better it got (for the most part). I'm a person. I enjoy media a lot! I write music and stories and really bad poetry. I've never written a fan fiction. I don't know if I should start... I would love to collab on a fan fiction or offer feedback on non-mlp writing.
  6. Sometimes I forget that others don't watch the show and I want to talk about it. But seriously, how can you not want to talk about something so wonderful in so many ways? Except for Equestra Girls.....the fandom wanted a movie, but I don't think that was what they wanted...
  7. So, you might want to revise backstory to this: Voluptatem could be a nightmare or a nightmare maker. It would be interesting if he only existed in dreams. He could be a rival to Luna. They could have a terrible love-hate relationship (think discord and celestia). He could have been a factor in Luna turning into nightmare moon (potential shipping). Instead of him wanting everyone to be happy, he would trap sleeping ponies in nightmares, unable to wake up. He could make ponies sleepwalk and that would be how he destroys equestria. I think the best method for accomplishing this would be to make him a magic. He makes a maze or puzzle of your own fears and you have to work them out to get out of the dream. As an example lets say that Rarity is trapped. She might live in a world where fashion is not only ignored, but hated. Everyone wears a uniform made of ugly clothing. I think that one of her fears in that she isn't appreciated for what she does. During the dream, she might try harder and harder to make her friends appreciate her only to find that they don't care about her. As another example let's say Rainbow Dash is trapped. Rainbow Dash's biggest fear isn't failure but insecurity. She doesn't want to feel vunerable and this is one of the things that makes her strive to be the best. She doesn't just want to win, she needs it as proof that she's worth something. I think that Rainbow Dash is a complex character in the sense that a lot of who she is IS an act. She is an awesome pony, but I don't think she always thinks so. A possiblity for the world she lives in would be one where she relives all her greatest failures. Failing to recognize Scootaloo's affection. Her nerves before the young flyers competition. etc.
  8. I'm looking to make a few OC drawings but have nooo idea what software to use. Right now, I have ms paint and it's really low quality. I'd like to get rid of the pixelization look...any advice on how to make ms paint files less blocky? Is there another program I can use to make my OC stuff? I've already tried general zoi but I want to tilt the head and body.