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  1. WOO! When I get a bigger house, and a double bed IMA PROPOSE!

    1. Just some guy

      Just some guy

      Congrats mate! :D

    2. Ironsight


      Oh, wow. Kinda expected more people to comment, I meant in Harvest Moon Magical Melody.

      Btw, yes, I was trolling u.

  2. Banned for not subscribing to my YT channel (Which is currently pointless.)
  3. BRAWGH! Hanna montana is a HORRIBLE show. one of the worst shows is Big Time Rush, and Captain Planet (AKA the only bad 80's cartoon.)
  4. Wrong, I'm stuffed; D TPAM likes Jushiro Ukitake
  5. Just got a TABLET for christmas.

    1. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      Have fun with that. They take some time to get used to. o-o

  6. Just made a dA account.

    1. kirbyboi


      Really? :D Cool! t's a fun site, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. ;3

  7. Can't believe that the post cap gets me so ticked off.

  8. I'm.... so.... SAD! I missed a shiny Basculin on THANKSGIVING!

  9. Hmm, beginning to wonder if I should change my p-word. (It's 18 chars long.)

    1. Why-Gnome-Ear-Fifty


      Just change it to "poniesarecool." Guarantee you, it's the most secure password out there.

    2. Ironsight
  10. Hmm, coulda been a Jersey Devil. that's what I immediatly thought of when i read this. P.S. don't sleep with a revolver (It's dangerous.)
  11. Just learned that metroid prime (the squid-like boss not the game) is nearly IMPOSSIBLY hard.

    1. be my waifu

      be my waifu

      I thought Meta Ridley was harder, actually.


  12. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lol, u fail it. No, seriously though, that was pretty bad.
  13. Wow, is this really what the "General Silliness" sub-forum has come to? No offense, but I think that you people should think of better stuff, than "I like to eat cold pasta from the fridge" I mean, COME ON, this is more of a status than a topic.
  14. My list goes like this 1. Rainbow; her dress is so.... unique. 2. Twilight; Her dress looks like a FF mage. 3. Pinkie; Her dress makes me think of air hostess's uniforms. 4. AJ; As much as I don't like her, I must admit, her dress is awesome. 5. Fluttershy; Despite the excess of plants on it, her dress still remains fairly unique. (RD may be my favorite pony, but Flutters is the cutest pony. 6. Rarity; Her dress looks like a generic "fancy" dress. Definitly last place, sorry Rarity.