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  1. I understand, but it is still not right to say that there is only one "North American ethnicity," and that it is European. North America has many ethnicities. But maybe that is not what you're saying. Maybe you're saying that most ponies act in a way that North Americans of European descent do, though I hope not since that implies that only people of European descent act like the Mane 6. I'm curious, do you call White North Americans "North American," but natives "Native American" and Asian Americans "Asian American"?
  2. I fully support you, and everyone else, having the right to see the Mane 6 as whatever race they want to. Headcanons are fun! It's being nasty about someone else's ideas, when your own have no more basis in fact than theirs, that bugs me. I'm sure you don't do this. If we disagree on anything, it's the idea that "North American" must mean "of European racial descent". You do know that the only true "North American ethnicity" is Native American, right? Do you think that Europeans are any less foreign to North America than other non-Native Americans? The comments on children's videos are usually nicer than the Youtube norm. I was surprised that so many of the nasty bronies even cared about the video, since it's about a part of the canon many bronies don't care about.
  3. Okay, I see what you mean. I must admit to it looking a little odd at first to me too, but I get over it quickly. Only with human characters, though. My thing is that Rarity does not have a human race, she's a pony, not a person. I find it strange to assign her a human race, then say that it looks weird when people not of that race cosplay her. Unlike with a human character, Rarity has no clearly defined human race, so it's technically incorrect to say that she is not Black/Native/Asian/White in a way directly implying that she is a human race, just not the human race the speaker personally wants her to be. It's saying "I'm right, you're wrong" about a subject that has no basis in fact. They aren't saying "Rarity is not black" to follow up with "because she's not human at all!" My point was, it should not matter what race she is in a commercial that has no bearing on the canon (in which she is white in human form, but I strangely don't see anyone complaining that "Rainbow is not White, she's supposed to be blue!", Twilight should be purple, etc.).
  4. I knew that "negro/a" is not a racist word in Spanish. Did you get the idea that I didn't because I put it next to the n-word? My point was not that pointing out that the girl is black is racist, it's obviously not. My point was that claiming that Rarity cannot be played by someone of a particular race is racist. What do you interpret "Rariti no esta negra" to mean? I understand where you're coming from. I agree about the cultures thing, the Mane 6 do all seem American and a little Western European. But do United States and European cultures only belong to people of European descent? In-universe, debatable. But in real life, I see nothing wrong with American (any nationality really) children playing as American ponies. Americans, like any nationality, can be of any race, and unlike many nationalities, it's not hard to find an American of any of the major races. I'm a little confused by what you wrote about Europeans cosplaying Africans. Would an Afrikaner (European African from South Africa) seem odd to you?
  5. If I was under 18 again, totes. I feel like he was specifically written to be the boyfriend of some girls' dreams, lol
  6. Well one of them. Southern California.
  7. Don't worry, you have an accent, unless you don't speak. I have a Western USA accent.
  8. Oh, thank you I got worried for a moment!
  9. But people never made glue from human remains, I don't think?! Did they??
  10. Mozz sticks are one of my favorite foods too
  11. Yes, unfortunately. Here in the USA they put a bunch of chemicals in the fries like dimethylpolysiloxane, TBHQ, and hydrogenated soybean oil. There's also beef flavoring so the fries aren't vegetarian, which is kind of deceptive - you would think fried potatoes are vegan, right? In other countries like Britain, they only use potatoes, soybean oil and salt. I guess that's since they can't get away with unpronounceable chemicals so easily there as they do here. As for other regional differences, I know that in India MCDs recently changed their fry recipe to not include beef, since a lot of vegetarians there got tricked and ate them.
  12. It is, very interestingg.
  13. Straight cut for me. I like McDonald's fries the best! (even though they're so unhealthy where I live )
  14. You never played Steins;Gate?