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  1. Treble Sketch

    Fanfiction: A heart to heart (Twilight and Spike)

    Such a great story Mesme, this short little story is sooooooo cute <3
  2. Treble Sketch

    Spoiler The third annual MLP Forums Class of 2017

    Hehe, here's to another year of MLP Forums! Also, this is a very old piece of artwork, 2014 or something. I really need to draw my own...
  3. Awesome! Can't wait to use it Just a thing, the link itself is broken. Also, I the repo doesn't exist on GitHub apparently. >.<
  4. Treble Sketch

    Science Is the earth spherical or flat?

    Being a Space Enthusiast, I still get users coming to me and ranting on about this... Luckily, there's a "Ban" and/or "Block" button for me to press if they do get really aggressive... But I do watch a Space conspirator YT videos for fun sometimes XD
  5. Treble Sketch

    Poniverse July Double Q&As Announcement!

    Exciting! And Sorc is doing a Q&A Hurray!
  6. Treble Sketch

    Luna Asteroids

    Oh, what a coincidence. I have also been working on an Asteroid theme game too, but not pony related though :| It's for a game programming course I've been doing for the past few months now~ If anyone's interested, I'll chuck the link here too. But just some warning, it's rather random From the screenshots, the game looks like it's coming along nicely. @Nintenboy195 But the download size though... This'll take a while. What engine are you using?
  7. Yeah, I've tried looking a while back and couldn't find any :\ So I left it be, because all I've found was some Equestrian flags. And I've been getting back in Unity for some practise runs with code. I am interested in helping out, but I wouldn't be able to use Skype ;n; I prefer Discord~ I would love to gallop around the surface of the Mun as a pony, collecting science, and hopping about
  8. Treble Sketch

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    One of my friends made it for his friend's birthday. Loop of friends
  9. Season 1: -Griffon the Brush-Off -Dragonshy -Sonic Rainboom Start from the beginning! Season 2: -Luna Eclipsed -Baby Cakes -MMMystery on the Friendship Express Season 3: -Too Many Pinkie Pies -Wonderbolts Academy -Keep Calm and Flutter On Season 4: -Power Ponies -Somepony to Watch Over Me -Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 Woot, Woot! Would do my best to pop into stream if I can
  10. No wonder for the sudden explosion of comments on dA
  11. Treble Sketch

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    Oh my... Uhhh, how would we do this >.>
  12. Treble Sketch

    ~Precious Crecious~

    No worries And also, it would also be awesome if artworks you upload on deviantART is submitted to the MLP Forums dA group
  13. Treble Sketch

    Community Project - MLP Forums Reacts

    Nice project, wonder if there might be future chances for this project to actually get completed for Season 6 reactions
  14. Treble Sketch

    ~Precious Crecious~

    Oh wow, your art is amazing. The style is really unique :3
  15. Treble Sketch

    Poniverse Presents: Mister Friendly Q&A!

    Hurray! Do love this author's stories. And if you want to read his stories, better make sure you've got tons of time