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  1. I usually use Firefox but the computer I was using at the time had Internet Explorer. I did send in the ticket, it says awaiting staff reply, do I need to resend it or something?
  2. I was on that page but I was also on an older computer that still had Internet Explorer. It looks like it's working on my iPod though so thanks
  3. Okay, so I was trying to send in a Support Ticket but the box where I'm suppose to write the message doesn't show up. I tried to send it as an attachment but it says I need a message. Basically it says Message with a red star beside it but where the box should be there is nothing.
  4. I don't have one but if it's something you're interested in then sure it's worth it (especially if it has some games you want to go with it). I'm in the past for DS' since I still have the old DS Lite.
  5. Let It Go from Frozen, that's probably because I have watched the movie five times this weekend.
  6. I've got a dog (german shepherd/border collie mix), she was a rescue, and a Holland lop rabbit who is spoiled as heck.
  7. I love to read, my favourite genre being fantasy.
  8. Just got back from watching Heaven Is For Real, I was hoping it would be better.
  9. My dad probably wouldn't care if he knew and my mom doesn't even know what a brony even is (at least I don't think she does). She's seen me watching the show, I have a few pictures on my computer and iPod, and I've mentioned it a few times but they haven't caught on or let's leave it at that.
  10. Let's see if I can describe this. The way I say it is almost as if I were saying gift just without the 't' if that makes any sense.
  11. Black jeans, white t-shirt that says 'Redneck Swag', multicolored socks
  12. This is more of a nightmare then a dream. I was standing at the bus stop with my sister when this futuristic white car drove really fast up the road. It stopped then reversed, pointing straight at us. We moved as it tried to run us over and hid in the bushes. The car drove into the field beside the buses, tried to hit us again before racing up the road again. Note to self, look out for fancy white cars that may want to squish you. :okiedokielokie:
  13. Black shorts with a blue stripe on the side, a dark green school t-shirt with the name on it, four elastic bracelets, and one hair elastic
  14. - I didn't think there were other countries (the world was just one big piece of land with lakes) - If you walked in water over your head you would fall into a bottomless pit - Birds were out to get me - If you held your pee too long you would explode - Brain freeze made your brain shrink - If you grabbed a bug before it saw you it wouldn't bite/sting