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  1. 121701 there my avatar will remain this until next week( or possibly forever) XD
  2. 121861 I have literally millions of pics to choose from saved to my harddrive 121565 im gonna change it again
  3. 121859 just now XD ill have a new one by tomorrow or in a few more mins
  4. 121857 thinking of changing my profile pic
  5. 112605 cool 112606 sup sunshower :3
  6. 112603 sup everypony I havnt been on lately because I got CoD world at war yesterday and have been playing it nonstop.
  7. I love monstercat XD @ applelover ill be sure to check him out :3
  8. that is not dubstep XD I don't know what that is. go to youtube and search fatal dubstep. check on some of their songs that are known as dubstep tracks usually in parenthesis or brackets() [ ] . you could also check out a sub genre of dubstep called drumstep. I would add a video to save the time but I have no idea how to do it yet X3 make sure it is their official channel.
  9. I decided to start a list of youtubers that either make or sponser/play awesome dubstep / shows the artists and the first youtube channel that poped into my mind was fatal dubstep. check them out they have some of the best dubstep songs I have ever heard.
  10. 104151 waiting for raze 3 to come out... it keeps getting pushed another week for development due to bugs
  11. welcome to the forums I hope you loosen up enough to tell others of your being a brony soon. It felt good to tell my friends and family that I was a brony. they don't think of me any differently than before I told them.
  12. 87539 im still alive I didn't abandon you guys