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  1. GoldHypercurve as my name on here is I use it for everything
  2. I have an Xbox one and a 360 (although I stick to the one since that's where I'm getting all my new games) and am really looking for some people to play Halo MCC with I'm so exited but unsure about playing it alone because that's all I seem to do now when I play games, and while I may not be an extreme extrovert and am rather the quite the opposite I get bored and lonely when I only have myself to play with seems like people don't want to have fun like they used too.
  3. I can't wait for this I loved the first three Halos multiplayers and I am excited to play with everyone again. I just loved how it wasn't just a bunch of competitive crap it was (at least for me and my friends) more about having fun and ridiculous happenings. Hated Halo 4s multiplayer though they had to start emphasizing how halo can be competitive too. I preferred the fun times.
  4. Awesome, so you are on two teams at once? Sounds like it could be a bit busy and which do prefer of those positions web development, PR, Programming, or engineering, I personally like the electronics aspect and the strategy is a good bit of fun as well.
  5. I'm from 2907 Lions Robotics I also had a post a while ago about this and had only a few responses.
  6. his problem isn't just about the porn its about how our society has made Sex such a string-less meaningless thing, that people do just because. and just saying the article is titled Sex MYTHS that you probably believe I'm not saying it isn't true just that the title of the article doesn't exactly help you.
  7. I know that no matter what people will work to make the fandom or just people look bad and to hate them, If I appeared self righteous then sorry and I'm not trying to guilt trip anyone into not enjoying it, I just want those who try and bring it where it doesn't belong to well not bring it there, and I have seen quite a few situations where someone with a vulgar avatar pops on and gets into a conversation and someone mentions that their profile pic is a bit inappropriate for the setting they go off on them and attack them for "not letting them enjoy what they enjoy" not that this happens all the time and that everyone who enjoys that will do it.
  8. If there's R34 there's R34 but I for one do not care for it and unfortunately it makes it harder for people to respect a fandom when it's R34 "art", if I so call it that is so large that that's all people talk about. I don't care what other people enjoy until it affects me that's when I have a problem with it, I won't scorn or hate anyone whose into it I just don't like that its so prominent in our fandom that in most situations we can't have a nice conversation without some reference to it or someone popping into the conversation with a rather vulgar avatar thinking there funny or that "I like it so everyone else who doesn't want to see that or enjoys it is a hater". I don't like seeing it make communities become not so family friendly that are centered around a kids show that could have some kids as members who then are exposed to way more then they should be because of how prominent this MLP R34 thing is, I just find it sad. Kinda ranted there but like I said earlier I have no problem with it or those who partake in it until it affects me and once it does it is really a bad thing.
  9. just go to Fluttershy's house the only thing that ever happens there that could kill me is Discord and I wouldn't mind going that way.
  10. and yet I lack both the viewers and the mass of content... and I just realized I haven't made any new videos in about a year darn need to get back to it.
  11. first person to take this gets Hammerwatch it's a great game I bought a bundle with it and the guy's down at humble bundle decided they would send me an extra 4 copies and I ran out of friends to give them to with the first three gift copies so click away all ye who gameth.
  12. 1. Luna FOR THE NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC! 2. Nightmare moon 3. Twilight 4. Cadence 5. Celestia
  13. Nice to officially meet you frozen Twilight would probably be my 2nd favorite since shes the second one I have the most in common with Thanks and don't worry about the wall destruction of doom Thanks It's nice to start actually trying to be more of a part of this wonderful community. (\
  14. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Just stumbled upon it while looking for a good Brony community site that wasn't EQD How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I accidentally harmed a friend after a week of hanging out where I found out he was a Brony and he said he wouldn't forgive me if I didn't watch it (He was being sarcastic... I think) and more out of curiosity I agreed on the conditions that the episode had to contain some kind of explosion. He pointed me to lesson Zero and said I should then start from the beginning to get the full story. and I watched the entire first to seasons. I found this a while ago and just realized that I was supposed to make an intro post ... woopsie Either way glad to be here and can't wait for next season to join conversations... even though it will be in like a year . Peace out, GoldHypercurve YES I'M FINALLY A CUPCAKE
  15. It is a bit of a bugger having to fill it in with 20 characters I get that it's to reduce spam but maybe just have like a capacha thing when you try to post something under 20 characters but that's just what I think.