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  1. *ahem* that being said, if we're rebooting this, then let's reboot it. Maybe I'll bring the grandad horse instead of salamander kitten.
  2. "... Ahem. Uh..." She pauses again, looking at the tall, strange thing in front of her... Like a pony, but too big to be a pony... Maybe he's one of those horses from the north that she heard about?... With a serious look, she makes eye contact with Hotshot, furrowing her brow a bit at you. You don't... like us, do you?... "... Well, uh, sorry Scarlett. I thought something was actually wrong..."
  3. Suddenly, Selene takes a brief, glazed expression, her face going blank for a few moments before returning to normal. "... How do you pull the trigger if you don't have any fingers? Or, well, any method of fine manipulation, for that matter." She stares at the weapons, specifically the knife... She seems interested in that, at least a bit.
  4. @, @@Ethan Sawyer, Selene scurries out of the way of his steps, running towards the "quiet pony", Selen pretty much being a purple and yellow blur of startled fishpony. She hops onto Scarlett's back, immediately blending in as she camouflages herself into the red and purple mare's fur, along with the surrounding Ancient metals.
  5. @, Suddenly, Selene wheels around, briskly trotting through the ship, taking a few turns, before seemingly changing her mind and turning again, before eventually arriving at the sleeping quarters. She walks in, circles around... and immediately stops at a sleeping Hotshot, hissing quietly. "It's coming from here."
  6. You find her not so far off down the hall, stalking around. Her body is rather hunched, revealing her shoulderblades as she hisses idly, constantly looking to one side, then to another, licking her fangs every so often. She seems to be hunting for this "new voice" she heard...
  7. Selene suddenly whips around, jumping before hissing and chittering at you, clouds of dust poofing up in strange ways as she keeps on doing the angry cat thing. "Shut up!... Somebody's here... I can hear them, I don't like it... nobody new should be here, why are they so loud?..." She growls quietly, hunching down and stalking down the corridor.
  8. @@Ethan Sawyer, @@Unicorncob, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@1Bit, Suddenly, Selene rolls off of Scarlett's back, hissing with a slightly purple tone of skin. Her pupils are, very unusually, contracted into predatory, vertical slits. She stands like a threatened cat, tail sticking up into the air as she stalks down the hallway, hissing all the while.
  9. Immediately upon arriving at said engineering room, you find Selene curled up in the middle of the doorway, snoring peacefully. The cool grey of her skin might have blended in with one of the Equestrian ships, or with gravel and stone on a beach, but on the Destiny, the bronzes and silvers of Ancient materials cause her to stand out like a sore hoof... or, in your case, a sore horn.
  10. The Land Fish pauses, regarding you with a sleepy blink, groggily getting up onto its feet, walking outside in a swaggering, carefree manner... and immediately flopping down in front of the doorway, curling up in the same comfy ball as it was earlier.
  11. @@Child Of Darkness, You notice the strange fish-creature from earlier, walking into the engineering room... and then lying down, yawning and curling up into a cool-gray ball of flesh. The verminous little meatbag has fallen asleep, in such a delicate area no less! Most robots would be outraged, I think.
  12. Selene blinks and shakes her head, not to say 'no', but just to shake. "Ablblblblblblblblblblbl. I'm... fine. Oof... C'mon, why'd you have to move out of the way like that? I was just gonna hug you... really aggressively and fun-like, so it's even better than a normal hug!~" Selene just rubs the little bump where she hit the wall, getting back up.
  13. @@1Bit When you attempt to approach, you notice that Selene seems to have had ideas revolving around bringing the hug to you. Of course, as she leaps to glomp you, the ship lurches forward with her in mid-air, knocking her off-target and sending her crashing into a wall.