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  1. You have not been forgotten! :mlp_icwudt:

  2. Wow, another Norwegian, holy moly

  3. Yo Erleth! What up? :D  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Erleth


      Appreciate it:) Have you noticed any changes to this place though, apart from the appearance of the website?

      Busy, not really...just finished school, and I’d get a job if I wasn’t going in the military in 3 months. :wacko:

    3. SparklingSwirls


      Not really :huh:. The update brought a few new things, but other than that it's pretty much the same I think.

      Oh yeah, it's mandatory in Norway, right? Well I hope it goes well for you :) 

    4. Erleth


      It used to be mandatory, but these days you don’t have to if you have no interest in joining. But thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to it :)

  4. 2016 has been a tough year for the world, but it's definitely been the best year of my life so far...so I give it a 8/10
  5. Erleth

    Health Losing weight

    Eat foods that are less dense in calories, drink a lot of water, and water only (you'll be satisfied with less calories if you eat them rather than drinking them). Whenever you start craving fattening foods, hurry and drink a lot of water so it fills you up. This will more or less take the temptation away. Do some training? Maybe running, maybe go to a gym, or even just random stuff around your house. Walk around, go up and down the stairs, jumping...as long as you're not sitting still too much it's great. I wish you the best, stay positive
  6. Erleth

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    "Hey bro, how many sets do you have left on that machine/squat rack/bench?" I hear this a lot, and I hate it...even tho I ask the same question from time to time Same?
  7. Very unique melody 10/10
  8. Erleth

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, too much Same?
  9. 9/10 Very nice
  10. I think he was born with them, and he's been insecure with them all his life, so it has turned him into a juicehead to compensate.
  11. I get really energetic, happy and talkative, but after some time I get tired and I fall asleep usually.
  12. Erleth

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, for the summer at least What kind of car do you have/want?
  13. Erleth

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    No I do not. What do you think will happen when Donald Trump becomes the US president?
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