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    Drawing mlp fim caracters and watching the show. Plz brohoof and email me oc info

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  1. Princess and thanks. Just one more thing. How do i set it as my sig? I cant see why they dont just make a spell book about this human stuff
  2. alicorn1

    ask twilight

    I a twilight and i came on this website to see if anypony had any questions about the show or me. I love to answer questions so throw them at me! Hmmm let me think about this one
  3. U should make it were his parents are annoying. That would be helarious!!!
  4. u would lose the titleof representing chaos By any chance could u help me out and make a sig for me? I cant get paint on my computer. All u have to do is create a twilight sig that says twilight sparkle and has twilight on it. And no first off, i dont even like dragon ball. And that is only one of the reasons why i blew chunks that.
  5. alicorn1


    that is my bro for you! He wants alot of brohoofs
  6. thanks by the way do u know how to create an oc? DO u know how to create an oc?
  7. I hope u get used to theses forums and if u are looking for an oc character look at my topics and look at now drawing oc characters! Have a good time on mlp forums!!
  8. Welcome and im hoping u get alot of brohoofs!!! Love the pic!!! I will brohoof u for goodluck and if u didnt notice im a twilight fanatic
  9. Hey royalguard is my bro
  10. U can ask for a request sugar cuddles Still dont know how to get a real signature with pics :okiedokielokie: By the way i have a ton of stupid questions like how do i create my oc pony? And plus i draw ponies for free just email me info about the pony(my email is in my profile). So plz how do i start an oc pony?
  11. My parents know im a pegasister yet they think i shouldnt :okiedokielokie: Plus does anypony know how to get a sig? Or create a pony?
  12. Well i started the pony creator and one of my friends asked me to teach them to draw. I decided i could share it with all the pegasisters and bronies! Ask me anything about my drawing techniques and i will answer. Also if u would like me to draw u a pony email me(my email is on my profile). So enjoy my new drawing tips for all!
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Looking for lyrics How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I had a smaller friend who introduced it to me and i just started to become wacko about the show. I am a very talented drawer i draw great mlp fim characters. Im hoping to get to know this site! I really love expressing myself.
  14. Well pinkie pie will follow a balloon to the en d of the world and plus she always says "ooh something floaty!"
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