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  1. I know I e been gone for ever; so sorry. Miss you guys. Fortunately, TailsIsNotAlone sent a message to my personal email so I logged in to cast my vote for Rarity! Miss you, will try and check in more often...

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  2. Its great to see you again! Hope you will visit us more in the future...maybe?

    You truly are missed...


    Also: Rarijack! :rarity:  :bedeyes:


    I'll certainly do my best! I miss y'all too! Just been so busy lately... Maybe I'll have more time after the holiday rush?

    Feel free to contact me by email to (there's a yahoo listed on my profile that goes to my cell phone)


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  3. Just stopping by and saying hi to everypony, seeking work is tough work post-26689-0-37592900-1418338783.png

    Glad to log in to see Rarity with her own banner!

    Oh, and I think I found the dress I want to get married in...


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  4. I will miss you all very much, and I may be back someday, but I've got so much stuff going on that I just don't have time to keep up with the site; So I'm headed out on an extended hiatus...


    But know that I Love all of my RFC brothers and sisters, and that I left my yahoo email address on my profile if anypony wants to contact me...

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  5. Good to hear from you, we were pretty concerned.








    Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I'm actually doing amazingly old right now! I've just been super busy and have had some pretty big changes in my life that required me to take a few steps back and evaluate where I'm at on a number of things. But I should've checked in my with friends here more often no matter what all was going on. *hugs for everypony!*


    Oh, and did somepony say "Rarijack?"


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  6. Sorry I've been gone so long, been going through a lot lately but will try and stop by here a bit more often.


    Feel free to pm me if you wanna chat, I'll reply to all

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  7. Man, talk about a 'Murphy's Morning'. I hope the day gets better for you Jill. 




    More Nightmare Nights themed stuff. 



    Yes, it much better once my car got started, went to work, did my time, then went to hang out with The friend I met Rainbow Rocks, Who I could probably call my best friend this point, she's that awesome! So a bad morning became a wonderful day, yay! That's also why I wasn't here much yesterday, but I'll catch up when I can!

    Oh, and Rarity!


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  8. post-26689-0-93051100-1413636433_thumb.jpg

    Good morning everypony! Hope your days going better than mine. Got woken up from a dead sleep by my boss asking where I was... Apparently, the other person in my area is on vacation, and no one bothered to tell me! And now, I'm waiting for the tow truck to jump my car because I leftmy lights on yesterday… And of course, this happens the one day this month that the wife is out of town; so she can't help me... I'll be about 2 1/2 hours late for work today, that's not too bad is it?

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  9. Sleepy time for this kitty... See y'all soon

    I'll go back to my usual pic soon, but for tonight, something somewhat NIghtmare Night related


    Edit: Oops.. That's a pegasus that stole Rare's hair... oh well, pretend it's her?

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  10. Odd that he never returned.  Even for a brief scene saying how busy he is or something, or a line one the characters could say or a letter Spike could have received.


    Cute picture, those 2 with marshmallows on sticks.

    I know, it would've been nice... The best I can guess is that they treated the movie like a reboot of the series? He appeared in one of the two specials that aired before the movie/TV series... There's another character who was only in that first MLP special and then not seen again in G1 TV/movies too...






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