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  1. Spreelly

    General What's the most stupid thing you've ever done?

    Sliding down the stairs head first.
  2. Spreelly

    What do you do when you're stressed and depressed?

    Find something basically I mean that's helped me and others like for me watching movies and listing things that where stupid or bad for others it's watching old movies and playing games like bored games video games maybe even writing will help just know your not alone in this and there are people who want to help you so stay strong and know that the people who suffer the most (like you) are usually the people others love the most "hugs" stay strong friend
  3. Basically I've been curious for years about the Wiccan faith and maybe even become one and before anyone says I know Wiccan's or witches (whatever they want to be addressed as) don't do the Harry potter type magic stuff anyway if anyone nows a place where I can learn more about Wiccan faith and maybe talk to a head priest or priestess let me know please and thank you
  4. Spreelly

    Chikorita Reviews: Harvey Beaks

    Was not really interested in Harvey beaks mostly cause the trailers made it look awful but now I'm totally going to check it out :3
  5. Spreelly

    Could Princess Celestia be evil?

    Yes she could I mean she did use dark magic before so it's possible that she could go evil I mean I would make for a interesting episode or two :3
  6. Dinner and a movie first buddy.
  7. Spreelly

    General Media Who is your favorite villain?

    Maleficent not the 2014 film I'm talking about the sleeping beauty version cause she was just awesome and can turn into a dragon I mean that's just cool
  8. Spreelly

    Say Something Bad About your Favorite Episode

    Applejack trolling Celestia you know when she was right but still sent a letter saying she didn't learn anything cause she was right just saying she was kind of being a bit of a dick makes for funny comics though :3
  9. I enjoyed and would totally watch more if there will be more X3
  10. Spreelly

    Rarity Crying

    Sorry you had a rough day hope it gets better "hugs"
  11. Spreelly

    Rarity Crying

    Why rarity sad? also good work work
  12. Spreelly

    Rainbow Dash By Oven Mitts :D

    Better then anything I could do you can at least tell it's rainbow in yours X3
  13. Spreelly

    Dash and Twi

    Awesome work especially on Twilights wings there harder then most think to draw that and I'm a terrible at drawing.
  14. Spreelly

    Movies/TV Whatever happened to Robot Jones?

    It got cancelled cause it was fun to watch and that was the thing they did a lot at that time.