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  1. well life can always be better but im trying to focus on the positives! anypony wanna chat?=)

  2. Im back for my last week for a while, gonna try to talk to as manyponys as I can! =)

  3. logging off! see yuh everypony later!

  4. Hello everypony that talks to me, i dont have a skype or any other social media sight, only this one and i wont be able to get on here until tuesday and then i have a week and then i wont be on much because i wont have a way, so if you wanna contact my id love to have a friend to talk to! my number is 541-514-6965 if and only if you wanna talk haha =)

    1. GramCracker


      And let me know your pony name!=)

  5. Is posting your # illegal on this site? because i have a few friends I am talking to and to be honest i wont be able to get on here much and thats the only other way to contact me.

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    2. GramCracker


      ah class ends in 5 min and i wont be back on til next week! lol xD

    3. Lady



      Yeah, it does. XD

    4. GramCracker


      Well my number is 541-514-6965 if anypony wants to contact me soon! or later when i wont be able to get on!

  6. That would be very bad, and it would hurt a lot of business too, some of the biggest things right now is starbucks and Dutch Bros over here and a lot of people love/need coffee! haha ... very bad idea!
  7. k.....

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    2. Stellafera


      Sure, but I'm not sure how much help I can be. I'm not exactly a person well versed in the ways of the world. ;)

    3. GramCracker
    4. GramCracker


      anything will help..

  8. Need a friend...

  9. whats everypony up to?=)

    1. Irelynn Skye

      Irelynn Skye

      Just listening to some music. Yourself?


    2. GramCracker


      Just got done grading sophomores spelling tests in my TA class ... BORIIIIING lol

  10. whats everypony up to?=)

  11. Any idea on how your little Sky Heart's doing?

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    2. GramCracker


      She is home sick, she threw up thismorning

    3. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      Oh god... *hugs you* I hope she gets better...

    4. GramCracker


      She will, she doesnt get sick very often and usually doesnt stay sick long=)

  12. Skyheart went home sick, at school alone.

    1. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      Awe...*hugs you tightly* I hope she's okay...

    2. GramCracker


      yeah, she is feeling sick to her stumach and has a head ache. i think she is sleeping now lol

  13. HA!! you have three of my team in there! tyranitar, gyarados, and dragonite! but i add in a Gengar a Charazard and then i sub some in=)
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