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  1. What's your ponys name? Thunder Twister the pegasus
  2. I think it was April maybe march last year, I said to my friend I was a Brony even thought I did not know what it was and when I found out I felt bad for lying to her and watched it because I wanted to know stuff Incase she asked stuff on my fav things like that, so I watched it and I loved it
  3. id fine the nerest hospital and run as fast as i can to save fluttershy
  4. dr hooves has chosen you to go in the tardis(if thats the name of it in equestria) when are you going to be
  5. Twilight wants to try a spell and youre the test subject, which spell would she perform on you?
  6. You have the chance to date a pony, which one is it?
  7. i love fluttershy