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  1. yay muffins! Hey derpy, wanna make osme muffins with me? heh heh....
  2. DEAR SWEET CELESTIA NO! TPAM likes rainbows.
  3. Leaving for a sleepover tonight very soon. wont be back till tommorrow!

  4. Who? TPAM wants to be my friend!
  5. I will overtake your pinkie army. I will Take over their bodies )
  6. I have no idea what that is, but I think I can outrun it. I'll be fine.
  7. Yes, I do! TPAM hates my avatar XD
  8. Just met an antibrony online... LOL. ;)

  9. The meaning of life is out to kill me.... Goodbye cruel world...
  10. yep. Crab cakes are yummy :3 TPAM Has a tail.
  11. nope. TPAM Believes in hand sanitizer.