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  1. Life is the setup, Death is the punchline and everything in between is just another part of the joke. Say what you want, do what you will; I'll just keep on laughing.

  2. A princess of exposition songs maybe? That seams pretty princessy... This was a great finale! The Pony Ball Z magic fighting sequence was awesome and I can't wait to see more of Twilight's new castle next season. I really liked the chest plot point! It seemed like they forgot about it but for it to come back in an unexpected way in the finale was brilliant! All and all, this was just a great season!
  3. Comment to this status with the least snuggly things you can think of...

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    2. Death Javelin

      Death Javelin

      Nukes are all frowny face and stuff, but Obsidian Sky is still in the lead with Diamond Tiara... :3

    3. Stellafera
    4. Death Javelin

      Death Javelin

      Well... There is that old proverb "Don't snuggle with scissors!!!" Although those two aren't too bad, they just need to learn to stop letting other ponies make them into generic bumbling henchmen... (Also 90% sure those two yaoi pony snuggles with eachother all the time.)


  4. "Stabby-stabby stab!" - The macabre chant of pizza making crime lords.

    1. Crimsonn aka. Tanner

      Crimsonn aka. Tanner

      "I enjoy hitting gangsters in the forehead with candy canes" - That one person who can't drive for shit.



    2. Death Javelin

      Death Javelin

      "Lol! XD" - The person who was thoroughly amused by that thing you just said.

  5. I love how unapologetic Maud was about her personality. She knew who she was and what she was passionate about and she wasn't the slightest bit self-conscious about it. It's refreshing to see a character so confident and comfortable in her own skin; I don't think there is enough of that sort of thing in the world these days. I really enjoyed this episode and this character and hope to see more of her in the future! ^^
  6. Thrones was awesome this weak.

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      You know nothing, Javelin

    2. Death Javelin
  7. Twilight makes the most entertaining faces in that episode! ^^ The notion that twilight would be willing to go so far as to make problems for other ponies just to be able to write about solving them made the episode very entertaining to me. There was something very twisted with the way in which she would start to get delighted when she thought one of her friends was in peril and I absolutely loved every minute of it! XD Definitely an interesting parallel. Both characters have that sort of obsessive compulsion to abide by principles of order and can come undone very quickly when that order isn't properly adhered to. The thing most remarkable about the two characters is that they can go bananas and make trouble for innocent bystanders in their pursuit of order yet still come across as very endearing and likable; regardless of their missteps. When Twilight and Candace cause trouble both still come across as morally outstanding individuals rather then villains; only made more relatable in the very human way in which they are flawed. In short, I can definitely see why you would like the two characters, they are both certainly something special!
  8. Nice to meet you as well, welcome to the site! I do hope you enjoy your time here! If Your ever looking to chat with someone feel free to send me a message!
  9. Even if it's just a short cameo at some point in the 2nd movie or series, it would be awesome! When you combine ":" and "D" on this site you get a Rarity face? This website is so awesome!!!!!!!!!
  10. Having more pony programs around seems positive to me. Would I have preferred a series of one hour cop dramas staring Derpy? Absolutely; but there is nothing wrong with Equestria Girls becoming it's own separate entity. People who do enjoy the Equestria Girls stuff get more of it and people don't get a greater separation between the EQ and FiM story lines. It seems like a win win, especially if we get a cannon human Discord out of it.
  11. Okay thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :3 Thank you for such a warm welcome! ^^ I do draw now but I'm not all that good at it yet, I still have A LOT of improving to do. What sort of writing do you do? Awesome, we will most certainly have to chat sometime! ^^ Thanks, I greatly apprekicate the welcome! ^^
  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: I was stressed out about writing my english final so I wound up searching random stuff on google, it was then that I came across this website. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: An old friend of mine showed me ponies a few years back. I can remember being immediately repulsed by all the bright-happy-cuteness of the show, though I kept watching because I said I would give it a fair chance. I watched the first three episodes and was a bit surprised by how much I liked the show. Then I decided to watch a bit more. The theme song made me cringe less and less each time until it was eventually pleasant.By the time I finished the sleepover episode I knew I was no longer just giving the show a fair chance, and that I was going to become obsessed with ponies. I cursed and laughed and kept watching. Hello MLP Forums, I'm JOPHI3L King Crow. I was really into My Little Pony two years ago but sort of lost touch with the fandom during a not so great chapter of my life. I remember the show filling me with very genuine sort of happiness and the people in the community being really great people; I'm looking to reconnect with Brony culture and bring some of the friendship, magic and harmony back into my life. I'm not sure what else to put here so I think I'll just list off things... In real life I'm an almost twenty-something graphic design student. I'm a bit of a pessimist and don't really have much faith or optimism in the direction the world is going. I spend a lot of time thinking, drawing and writing about more idealized fantasy worlds. I was essentially raised by TV and my ultimate dream is to have my own TV show. That's really everything I can think to add to this... I'll see you around...