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  1. So I recently started doing a reaction series on YouTube where I react to various videos in the brony community and actual episodes of MLP. So far, I have reacted to videos such as The Mentally Advanced Series, Fall of the Crystal Empire, etc. I hope that if you come check out my channel, you'll enjoy the videos and have a great stay Channel Link:https://www.youtube.com/user/BronyGeeks
  2. Race: Pegasus Pet: some type of bird Where I'd Live: Manehatten (Born in Ponyville) Hang Out With: Doctor Whooves or Vinyl Scratch Job: Inventor
  3. Finally, someone who has also thought this. Its been bugging me to know if anyone else had notied
  4. NukeTimeNoobs

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Pinkie is definately my favorite due to her silliness being enough to help me out of a depression when nothing else really worked, so i pretty much owe my like to this cartoon pony
  5. Ive been watching it alot recently but there was one time last year when I had finished catching up on season 3, all the way up to the finale but I never knew that season 4 hadnt even aired yet, and wouldnt for the next 5 months but in my mind I was taking a long break from mlp. I now regret taking that break.
  6. Today I uploaded my reaction to the 3rd episode of a series made by PieDislikerSwag called ReactorsLikeCherries. If you would like to see my reaction to the first 2 episodes, they can be found on my channel ,BronyGeeks, but otherwise, the link to my reacction to the 3rd epsode will be found below. I hope you enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGxnTLLSBRU
  7. Not really in my opinion, but one that comes really close is Attack on Titan. Ive recently started watching it and it is freakin good
  8. There was this one time, where I was told not to eat too much food while my family was gone since we would be eating dinner when they came back, but let me tell you, I had some Doritos, Swiss Rolls, Cupcakes, and some PopCorn in the course of 2 hours. Wow, i feel fat now
  9. NukeTimeNoobs

    Hi, Hows It Going?

    Or is it...No, its not But, thanks, Ill make sure to enjoy my stay
  10. I absolutely loved Anthropology. I havent finished it but Im saving the last couple of chapters for a rainy day.
  11. NukeTimeNoobs

    Hi, Hows It Going?

    Thanks. Things are going pretty good. Just been hanging out with some friends lately and playing some videogames. Thanks. Even if I dont attract many people all I care about is having fun with it, I mean, attracting people is still really great, sooo, yea btw, just saw your youtube channel, and I deffinately subscribed. Nice music
  12. Yea, my laugh gets really high pitched And with the good quality mic, I had it for my old gaming channel but i quit that because I wasnt really enjoying it as much as I was this channel.
  13. Hey, hows it going everybody? I recently started a channel on YouTube called BronyGeeks where I will be posting reaction videos, reviews, and other fun things along the way. If youre at all interested, come check out the channel, and I hope you enjoy your stay My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BronyGeeks
  14. Ive seen all of those except Jacob Kitts Re-Enacted by Ponies. I need to stop always watching pony videos without recording XD
  15. NukeTimeNoobs

    Hi, Hows It Going?

    What would that forum section be?
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