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  1. Have an image of me when my hair was cut! And another when the job was only half done: You can see the anger grow within...
  2. It appears as though asking you about Bronies the musical is about as useful as asking a tea leaf to recite the entire history of the East India Company.
  3. Applejack would have the power to make people to tell the truth and instead of banishing the bad to the moon she would turn them into Apples. Also her orders would be to make all of the pony community to pick apples and run apple farms. Fluttershy would have the power to summon Smaug but is unable to because she lakes the confidence. Rarity would order all of the ground in Equestria to be turned into a silk carpet and her power would be to annoy Rainbow Dash.
  4. Mine would be a red crowbar or a Gravity Gun or a Portal Gun to show my love and skill for Valve games and games altogether.
  5. Rarity is often perceived and portrayed as a gold digger by many fan works who like the character. This can result to the artists and writers developing her character to say such things as "Bend over, darling.". I also feel that the phrase "worst pony" can often be applied to any pony but it all depends on what the fans opinion is. For example I am not the biggest fan of Rainbow Dash (although I wouldn't say she is worst pony).
  6. I absolutely love a dark and gruesome twist on anything! I think I may need mental help.
  7. My life outside of ponies consist of playing games on Steam and also building a buck ton of LEGO. Eating and sleeping also tend to be uncontrollable pass times of mine.
  8. I adore Applejack and feel as though she is my favourite pony. Of course I feel that she is nothing like me for I am much more similar to Rarity. I feel Applejack would just make a wonderful waifu for me. Although Braeburn is also a cutsie!
  9. If at all there is any spin off series I desire that involve mainly colts and stallions than it would be a show featuring both Big Mac and Braeburn. I feel the adventures the cousins could have would just be fun. Other than that I feel that the show does not need too many stallions. Much like in real life, the ratio for stallions to mares show that there are more female then males anyway meaning the show currently having more female characters actually makes sense.
  10. If you use Reddit than I recommend the pony emoticon browser extension. You can find more on it here:
  11. I like a strong, black outline and darker colours. I like the tone of the image created instead of the regular MLP art style.
  12. I would say a fool with a heart of gold would have the greatest chance with Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie. I say this because Fluttershy is the element of kindness and it works out. Pinkie Pie is of course Pinkie Pie so there is no question an idiot with a heart of gold would have a shot. Twilight not so much in a relationship.
  13. This assistant sounds rather rude and ignorant. If she asks you if you are a brony she shouldn't than start ranting to you. Perhaps to someone who share the same opinion as her but certainly not someone who she appears to despise. I fear it is too late for you to go back now but next time you find yourself in the same position tell them off and state they are being rude to you and if they refuseto leave than go and see the manager.
  14. I go to Forbidden Planet to get my pony merchandise as the UK is bare of it. I go in get what I want and leave. Believe me know that no clerk cares about what you are buying as long as they can make a sale. They don't care if you are buying it for someone else, yourself or for an organization for as long as they earn some money by the end of the day than they care not for what you buy. This is just here to tell you all that you need not worry about what they may think of you.