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  1. aidanbrony

    Eww... Bronies. :-|

    troll lvl. OVER 9000
  2. I hate to admit it but My little pony
  3. This year I am going to the 2014 Denver comic convention. I wanted to know if anyone is going. I will probably dress as cheese sandwich,the 11th doctor, and Finn from adventure time.
  4. Sometimes I go full on smegol when I'm angry but most of the time, Id say.... umm, I dont know
  5. I think sushi, but a haters go to hate
  6. I love playing, I have two gods in my deck.
  7. A wile ago for a couple weeks I kept making tacos with wasabi an them.
  8. aidanbrony

    The Vending Machine.

    you get a Colosseum full of baby monkeys. inserts a derp mentally
  9. aidanbrony

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Are you SURE you're not a doctor?
  10. Flys in helicopter with a nuke and kills all the zombies ( with some humans)
  11. aidanbrony

    The Vending Machine.

    gets infinite mirror machine inserts a small human being
  12. aidanbrony

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Baned because of unnecessary use of gibberish and ultimate destruction of the volcano of muffins
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