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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Hello Everypony,
    Who here still remembers me from a long time ago?

    1. Wingnut


      I do but you didn’t stick around for very long. Welcome back! :) 

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  3. Well, let's try this again and hope l won't fall victim again.... I AM BACK! <3 Bangcolters <3
  4. -sigh- l feel like shit and as if nopony loves me anymore. Just had a breakup again with somepony l tried to bond with... l swear, l think l am done trying to look for love because there is literally nopony that fully understands me.

    1. Bojo


      While I don't know EXACTLY how you feel (since I'm not you and haven't gone through the same exact experience). I know how being lonely and misunderstood feels. You are not alone. *hugs*

  5. Heywo everypony, l am sorry to say that l do not expect to post any time soon. l am just feeling so bad and uninspired right now. l am so sorry.
  6. @@J.R., ​Know that l care very much about this RP a lot and that, given the time, you will see that l care about you all just as much. Is everypony here doing alright? :S
  7. @@Fractured, @@J.R., ​Thanks, you guys are awesome! ^~^ <3
  8. ​Well, MLPForums' message editor managed to screw up that post you quoted...
  9. @@Fractured, @@J.R., @@P-Jay, and everyone else. in sometimei gnitsop ton rof yrros ma l ,kcolbsretirw eguh a em evag taht smelbor​l have had to deal with problems that put me on edge and gave me a huge writers-block. l am sorry, for usually l am not this depressed in posts, but... yeah. just know l am sorry.
  10. OOC-Linkup: Silver had a bunch of menu charts in her hooves and went from table to table to put them into the holders she had put down earlier. Nightfrost, the sister of Silver carried a box that contained little carriers filled with paper napkins and began depositing them on tables as Silver commented; "Well, that looks good, Nighty. l think we are nearly ready to open up. Did Starflash unpack all inventory in the back?". Nightfrost straightened the carrier she had just put down to align it with the table's pattern and replied; "Yes sis, she started on making tea for us as she had already started everything up". "Good, good!" Silver replied happily as she fiddled the last chart into the holder of table number 40. ​The two sisters finished up and inspected their handywork. It had taken them a few days to get the place to look nice, but it was well worth it. Velvetty red walls with a few paintings on the wall above a wooden strip of oriental craft tat had an introcate pattern to it. The tables in the front of the tearoom were easysitters, simple saloontables each with four chairs with a simple plush. a small three-step stair lead to a higher, somewhat chiquer part where fifteen grand-tables were neatly aligned to be able to have a longer sit. They would each accommodatie about six ponies wanting a comfortable seat. The tables near the wall would have a wall-bench that was soft and slightly bouncy with a lighter color of red in their cushioning as to where the tables that weren't near the wall would have thick relaxers of the same light color. ​Silver and Nightfrost both walked up the little staircase and went into the back to discuss some more about the busyness and to wait till it was time to open. They had put flyers on lanternposts throughout the long street and a massive billboard on the highest point above the tearoom that had a lovely picture of mittens holding a pot of tea and the text; "Tearoom The Mare's Mittens" and somewhat below it; "this is the place for every mare to relax and talk over a lovely cup of fresh, homemade tea and pie". it was still some hours till the place would open, as the flyers announcing the first opening eve told, so the flipboard in front of the tearoom was currently flipped to say; "closed". A proud moment, a glorious moment, Nightfrost and Silversnow stood in front of the door and smiled. "It's time, Nighty, let's start busyness" Silver said as she put her hoof on her sister's shoulder. "let's do it, l know we will come far" Nightfrost said with a smile before Silver turned the flipboard around to have the word 'open' facing outwards to the street. They stood there for a few seconds before they both smiled at eachother and assumed their positions, Silver in the back, to startpreparing things for the customers to eat and drink and Nightfrost waiting behind a little high-up table with a big empty reservations book opened to the first page in front of her. The phonenumber, to make reservations, had been printed on flyers that were spread through the street. All they could do now was prepare and wait for customers to come.
  11. RP-Linkup: Come have a little bit of a chatter while you are free, mares. you can order something to eat or drink, have a full meal and get to know other mares around you. Please know that reserving your table when you wish to have dinner is necessary and thatusing the public bathroom will only be free when you have bought something. Hope you will enjoy your time spent here! Staff currently working: ​BY: | OC: Silversnow | Silversnow | Nightfrost ​(job as waiter or baker is open to anypony to submit, dedication to this RP is required)
  12. Heywo everypony... l am in the mood for doing something great, just let me hear what y'all would like and l could considder doing it <3

  13. @, ​Scratch what l said in the last post, l do not think you are serious and hereby ask that you do not make any further posts in this thread. Doing so will be seen as harrassment in my eyes, something l will have to report. !!! Please do not sign up for a Grimdark if you do not want to put your character through it, that is a pure waist of my time !!!
  14. ​l told you to PM me, so l am not responsible. l spoke with the moderator in question and we agreed that you get one more chance, spoil it and l will personally report you. As for your fimfiction, l asked a story about Acrylic specificly and since you have not provided this l am going to stick to my word and not accept himfeel free to try a different character and submit him/her normally this time. If it is a good charcter then l MIGHT considder taking you in.