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  1. Celtore, please don't leave...

  2. l feel like l can't trust anyone anymore. l come from discord, where everything went to shit for me and now, on this forum, l thought to have found a friend who promised he would be there for me... he lied to me as well. He posted his goodbye on his profile and l did not see it immediately, so l think that he won't be here at all anymore.. l'm in turmoil and l feel alone...

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      l think l am just going to spend the next hour crying!

    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      I'm sorry for your loss! :awed:

      But, I'm sure you'll find a new one eventually. :mlp_rarity:

      This is the internet, virtual friend comes and goes. :adorkable:

  3. Silver Snow

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

    l guess that l really have nobody l can trust now ;w; Please be well, Celtore ;w; ;w; ;w;
  4. Silver Snow

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

    You were just reaching out to help me and now you decide to go! ;w;
  5. l guess l'll eat these cookies myself then, since nobody seems interested in me but one person, someone who would probably want me to have them anyways *sigh*

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      And now l feel like this person is angry with me too, because l tried to help and my words were taken the wrong way... GREAT!, JUST FUCKING GREAT!

  6. Have any music that you ABSOLUTELY want me to hear?
    You can post it in reply to this status as long as it is not anything that blows out my ears or goes very fast with too many beats.
    l'll give you hugs, l swear <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      hugs @Merry Brony 2A tightly. Warm song <3

    3. BronyNumber2


      It is my favorite band.

    4. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      cool! l really love their music!

  7. For anyone who is interested, l created a 3-player RP proposal in my blogs over here. Other requests for RP are always welcome if you post them on my profile or tag me in them. Hope to have a lovely RP with y'all soon. (oh and, l'm still after your cookies o,- lol)

  8. (THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL RP OR OOC THREAD, THIS THREAD ONLY SERVES TO CREATE THE RP. THE ACTUAL RP AND OOC WILL BOTH BE LINKED UPON START) The new hotel, The Skysight Suite, expanded to include a restaurant about two weeks ago. This famous hotel in Manehatton has drawn a few rich eyes already, especially now that word has spread around about Savory Spice, a renowned chef with seven 3-hoofed restaurants is taking charge of it. Furthermore, Inkedy Paperquill had already assured the chef to do a review and that, with the popularity of the hotel, that he probably wouldn't be the only one. Big time news, ofcourse! lf everything goes well, it might even elevate the prestige of the hotel alltogether. Having the team near completion with a full kitchen and already two waiters with unquestionable etiquette, Savory Spice looks to hire three more waiters with experience in both catering and etiquette who will fit into the team nicely. After having read your applications, each one of you is invited to talk with the chef in person to seal the deal, with 5 others also having made the cut. This job means everything to you all, so you do your best during this interview. This RP starts with eight ponies, sitting in a side-suite, adjacent to the chef's office, waiting to be called to said interview. Members who show interest in this RP: -No members as of yet. Members locked in for the RP: 1. 2. 3. /!\ Please take note that when the RP starts or there is not enough interest in it, that this RP-thread will change to a new 3-player RP (max wait time, if no replies = 7 days) /!\
  9. Hello everypony?

    1. Snow


      Hello mate, had a good Sinterklaas?

    2. Silver Snow
  10. l don't know what to do and l am so bored right now ;w;
    Can't anypony help me?

  11. My job application didn't go through *sigh* l worked my hardest, but they nail me on the fact that l was late, because of the fact that a person onn a bike ran me over and sprained my ankle heavily. Had to walk over 1/2 mil still after that happened to reach work, so of course l was late. Had all the hype, now l have another 6 months of unpaid work to proove l am disciplned enough to work for money. GAH, SO STUPID!

    1. Celtore


      Oh... Sorry to hear that bit of disappointing news... Are you doing some kind of apprenticeship?

    2. BronyNumber2


      I wouldn't work without pay. 

  12. l have spent so much time on Discord, together with my friends and... well, now that most of those friends kinda betrayed me, l sorta lost all my drive to do things there. Basically Discord was my world and now l am looking for a new online purpose. l am pretty skittish, not gonna lie, l just hope that l can find people who can give me a purpose again, for l feel like l have lost my bearings after having to leave Discord behind. Please don't receive this message with bad ears, for l can't help it, It's been a rough time and feel like l really have to reach out. l don't bite, l just want to be friends, but l am a bit scarred, sad to say. l make mistakes, but my intentions are good. Please, can we be friends? l have cookiez :3 and lotsa hugs <3 *looks around*

  13. Silver Snow

    Visual Art Stephen Hillenburg Tribute Signature

    For sure, an amazing sig, thank you, @Kyoshi
  14. Today is your birthday, happy celebrations and lots of fun be yours, for it's YOUR DAY today. ^.^