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  1. l get hungry every time l look at your profile banner *sigh*

  2. Whelp, aparently l am not allowed to react to the statusses of other people, because whenever l visit one, the textbox is greyed out and l cannot type in it. RIP being social ;w;

  3. Ugh, l am so bored! *slides over the ground like Sweetiebelle*

  4. Maybe interesting content for pones who like adventuring and treasurehunting. ENJOY!!!


  6. Angels, surely one of the more majestic races to exist. What do we know about angels? We know that they carry immense power in them and that they can perform heroic feats as easily as we ponies breathe. What is more impressive, though, is their lore. Countless tales of celestial mothers have been told and even more rumors are spread about their dos and don'ts. Sometimes these angels would carry with them items of great value, swords, books of power, even amulets that have their inherent soul bound to it. You are a treasure hunter and have gotten wind of most of these rumors, so what you resolved to do is verify the rumors and see if you can be as legendary as the pony Daring Do herself! Do your research in different cities and face the adventure to find the relics that will put your name down in history... This adventure will have 3 different levels of difficulty and is HEAVILY focussed on resource management, the higher the difficulty gets, the less room you have to work with, but the better the rewards will be that await you. Easy~ The adventure is totally laid out for you and changes, depending on which choices you make. You start with a good inventory, neutral stance with tribes and a good amount of food. Medium~ You will have choices to take branching paths and a bit of a good starting setup, however, some abilities are always available to you and won't be prompted, so you could easily miss a lot of treasure and prestige. There will also be other treasure hunters and not all tribes are as friendly as you think. Hard~ All your actions are unprompted and you need to write what you are doing for an action, yourself, getting back the consequences as a reaction. Your start is rationed and you're literally setting yourself up to leave the safety of your village to find treasure in a world at war. Tribes have ALL gotten wind of treasures and many common to rare artifacts have already been found, but in this version there's a one-of-a-kind LEGENDARY treasure to be found. Can you keep your cool and get home safely with fortunes and riches? This RP is a repeatable 1 on 1 and people who want to sign up will have to wait their turn. If you register, please also tell me the difficulty you wish to have. l will keep a list of who's turn it is to get up next and please know that all RPs started will end on 1 of 3 conditions, namely: 1) All 5 Celestial relics have been recovered (minor artifacts can be missed if you are not careful) 2) When you die in any way 3) When a real-time week has passed (which auto-defaults you to going home with all the treasure you have) please note: RELICS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND BY PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WILL BE UNAVAILABLE ONCE BROUGHT HOME (except for the celestial relics, or relics dropped by people who died, which will respawn in random locations), also, new RPs start every monday at 9AM GMT+1 (By invitation) and end saturday at 8PM GMT+1 Signups: (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, NO EXCEPTIONS!) Currently playing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *This thread will be checked at least once per day and RP/OOC-links will be refreshed when new RPs start* *this thread is only meant for signing up, questions can be asked, but don't use this as an OOC-thread, thanks* RP-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP OOC-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP
  7. l am feeling sick, but whenever l am feeling sad or bad or anything that is not right, l zone myself out from time to time and think:

    (… or something like that)
    Throw more my way, life, l know l can take it! RAAAAAAaaaaaawwwwrrrrrrr…….

  8. My head hurts, my butt hurts, but most of all: my feelings hurt! l am scared and therefor will lock away my heart. ;w;

  9. Silver Snow

    Rose Beast

    Alrighty then, let's try it and move our conversation to PMs
  10. Silver Snow

    Rose Beast

    Can you please review my character, Diamond Rustscythe and tell me if you get any RP inspiration if you put both characters together?
  11. Silver Snow

    Rose Beast

    This is a very interestintg character, have you ever RP'd with her before and, if so, can l know the adventures she's been on/through?
  12. Silver Snow

    Midnight Rise

    10/10 Best waifu, best pone, amazing BGS, phenomenal personality, picture is just too MLG4ME, 100% lying, sorry. #SupportTheJoke
  13. Hello, everypony.
    l know yáll probably weren't expecting this, but a certain shy filly has returned to MLPF after a long hiatus. She is nosing around for some cookies, boops and RPs (not specifically in that order) and will most definately steal all the jars she can find. // l missed you guys <3

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    2. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      @Dark Horse Yes, l am doing very well, thank you <3

      @Snow Hehe, good one <3 +1

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Glad to hear it! :D *Boops*

    4. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      YAY, Another boop! @Dark Horse, thank you! <33333

  14. Well, let's try this again and hope l won't fall victim again.... I AM BACK! <3 Bangcolters <3