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  1. Hopefully everyone that's going has a good time! I had tentative plans on stopping by for at least one of the days since I live in the area, but I'm going to be out of town from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening for a wedding, which just had to be the same 3 days of the convention. Maybe I'll try for next year, who knows.
  2. Last post was 18 days ago. I should probably fix that sometime soon.

  3. Gotta say, this has been a fun tournament to take part in, so a big thanks to everyone who helped organize this! Anyway, it should be no surprise that I'm voting for Fluttershy to win this tournament, even if she's a little behind at this point. She's been my favorite pony since day one, and as much as I like her, I definitely didn't expect her to make it to the final. Hopefully she can pull out the win this weekend, and prove that she definitely is the best pony!
  4. Sad to see that Pinkie didn't make the final, so I guess a vote for her in the third place matchup will have to do. Though I have the feeling that she wouldn't mind not winning, as long as one of her friends did. Congrats to both her and Rarity for making it this far!
  5. Forgot to post with my vote last night, but I went with Pinkie. I'd love to see my two favorite ponies face off in the final (as hard as it'd be to vote against one of them), so hopefully Pinkie can still make a comeback before time runs out!
  6. Considering just a few days ago it looked like all hope was lost for her, I'm happy to say that I'm voting for Fluttershy in this matchup. Even though she's my favorite of the Mane 6, I can't say I expected her to reach the final, and now it's looking like it's going to happen! And I have to keep using this .gif of her, because how can you vote against someone that happy?
  7. Wait, wait, wait... Fluttershy's still in?? YAY! Anyway, my vote today goes to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash was cool before being cool was cool.
  8. It'll be sad to see the last non-pony eliminated from this matchup, but I've got to give my vote to Rarity. I have to admit, I didn't care for her much at first, but she's really grown on me, so I'll take the element of generosity over the embodiment of chaos any day of the week.
  9. Not happy that Fluttershy's been eliminated, but at least my second favorite pony's still in the running! Hopefully Pinkie can make it all the way to the final and win!!
  10. I have to vote for Fluttershy in this matchup easily as she's my favorite pony, and besides, how can anyone vote against Fluttershy? Look how happy she is!
  11. Happy 4th of July to all you Yankee Doodle Donkeys to the south!

  12. I know that Rainbow Dash should win this matchup easily, but I still voted for Big Mac. Nothing much left to say other than... eeyup.
  13. I love both Spike and Discord, and even though I may prefer Discord a little bit more, my vote goes to Spike just in the hope that we get a Rarity vs. Spike quarter final match. It's not looking too good for him right now, but considering that it was a bit of a surprise he made it to the Round of 16 past Cadance is still a minor victory for him!
  14. I figured this would be a close vote despite it being a member of the Mane 6 vs. a background pony, but can't say I'm surprised to see Twilight with the lead. Anyways, I voted for Derpy. I probably like her just as much as Twilight, and I don't mind throwing the underdog a vote every once and a while. It's too bad she didn't get a better round of 16 matchup, as she probably would've fared much better against Zecora, Spike or even the CMC.
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