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    In life have many experiences then make it fun to make a difference
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    Pokemon videogames, ponies of course, really strange and fun adventures around my hometown, music on my Mp3, Type Creatures, also having lots of fun experiences.

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  1. My mind is starting to really plummet due to summer vacation. Do any of you know any fun ways to keep it running?

    1. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit

      Go do some math.


  2. PokeBolter

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    But I am
  3. PokeBolter

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    The only animes I've really ever watched are Pokemon, Kirby Right Back at ya. and recently Jewelpets tinkle. Pokemon: It was the anime that got me introduced to the concept and now I still watch it just for the fun of it. Sometimes I even enjoying seeing my own Pokemon in the episodes. Kirby Right Back at ya.: This was an anime that my friend and I really enjoyed when we were kids and it was still airing and even last year as part of a Tbt I watched a lot of episodes leading me to get Kirby's Triple Deluxe. Jewelpets Tinkle: Jewelpets is actually a really good anime or at least fro
  4. Well I just lost my bro because he left for his summer camp now I'm kind of upset :(

  5. Is there anything wrong with a guy liking jewel pets?

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      I like pony toys and fashion pretty shiny jwel makeup

  6. PokeBolter

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  7. Well goodnight everypony, here's a music video I made today if interested

  8. PokeBolter

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Nah I'm pretty sure I'm the winner
  9. Just had an awesome day with my bro. We swam, went to the mall, and played video games.

  10. Only one hour into the day and had to do manual labor, doesn't matter though this day will still be awesome.

  11. PokeBolter

    Ask Skyla

    Let's see an average day, well first Cadence or mommy wakes me up and then gives me my breakfast of oatios, then after that I usually am told to do my own thing while she protects the Crystal Empire from it's dangers. So that's when I meet up with my best friend Twila and we would just walk around doing stuff a filly would ordinarily do in the Crystal Empire like fly! However sometimes whenever we're under attack by the changelings then Princess Larva comes and I have to defeat her while Cadence defeats the other ones. Then later that night whenever everything calms down I usually get to my ho
  12. Well I officially lost my old girlfriend. I'm really depressed now ? ?

  13. Well I officially lost my old girlfriend. I'm really depressed now ? ?

  14. Well I officially lost my old girlfriend. I'm really depressed now ? ?

  15. The power to transform into anything. This would include people, creatures (like Pokemon), animals, and much more coming in a basic Mega Evolution ring.
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