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  1. I am down for this, when do you start?
  2. @@AuroraMLP, @@ScrewLoose, @@ProbablyNotLyra (So whose controlling the changeling?) Rain approached the bar keep, "Did you attack my friend just now?" She kept a serious look, but gave him a fair distance giving him a little breathing room.
  3. @@AuroraMLP, @@ScrewLoose, @@ProbablyNotLyra "Hey Mirage, you know the bar keep here right? Would he have a tendency like this? Does he have a violent disposition? I want to question him anyway. Confirm his story and right any wrongs we do see." She turned to the beaten Pegasus (Dragon? What is your race lol? I have no clue.) "I want to hear his side of the story first. Your wounds speak for themselves but I don't want to assume anything", she said urging the others on to follow. (As a sidenote, you can mention the other party members when you post we get a mention of it in our notifications. Just follow my example: @ [ member = ' username ' ] Just omit the spaces, and everything should work.
  4. @@AuroraMLP, @@ScrewLoose, @@ProbablyNotLyra (Sorry about the late reply. I have been distracted and my internet service which has been an issue as of late is finally fixed. How long it remains fixed we shall see. ) Rain looked with worry as she realized the bruises on their newest companion. "Hey, who hurt you? Are your wounds serious?"
  5. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra @@ScrewLoose Trotting back to the seating area they occupied for the most of the night. "Your welcome to join our little game if you'd like. Otherwise, it seems Mirage had already got you a free drink on the house. So relax a little, I am Rain. Seems your the latest wanderer we have seemed to gobble up," she said warmly. "Anywho, who's next? Unless y'all declare me winner by default, though it would be fitting, it wouldn't be quite as satisfying."
  6. Body just feels sore today. Thankfully, I have no work so I can sleep some of it off. It's no big in the end, it just sucks in the moment eh?

    1. Widdershins


      Eh, throwing your sleep schedule outta whack can do that. I do frequently & its terrible when you can't fall asleep during the day to catch up.

    2. KlutsyDraconequus


      It's a little worse because I work third-shift too. You could say I am constantly in limbo all the time. In the end, i am used to bit but meh. :P


  7. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra @@ScrewLoose As ponies alike began to leave and enter the bar, another tourist entered the inn looking more tired than his chuckle might say otherwise. Rain went to the starting line and prepped her shot: Throw 1: 20 and 3 Throw 2: 7 and 3 Throw 3: 16 and 1 (Sorry if I missed any format requirements, I am limited to posting from my phone right now, as my internet is in the fritz.) "Now that's a solid throw," she said grinning.
  8. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra (In that case I am down for another round of darts. I need a comeback regardless .) The line for the throwing darts was clearing up as ponies alike began to leave for the evening. There was still happy hour to be had so the establishment didn't close right away like the pubs in Canterlot did. "I am down for another round of darts if you all are. My bruised ego won't settle for 3rd as it stands at the moment", giving them a taunting smirk. "What do ya say?"
  9. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra (I think we should do a time skip to the next morning. I agree with Aurora.)
  10. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra "I appreciate the concern Prisma but I made a promise and I intend to keep it. If you intended to map out Tartarus and visit Tirek himself, I would follow you. So, Thanks but no thank you." she said returning a smile back. (I get the point no worries. I just think sometimes things look better with a new coat of red paint . If the situation calls for innovation, then you shall have it.)
  11. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra Upon realizing Mirage's score, "For ponies who are nervous about their chances, they certainly have no reason to worry at all." She trotted toward the board and reset it for the next game. It seemed their little game encouraged a small line to continue on the streak of throwing darts for the rest of the evening. Resting back on the stools where they were prior, "so what is the next destination? It seems fate has bound us together for the foreseeable future." She looked for a moment at Prisma, thinking how vague her answer was. Probably would figure it out in due time, she might not be ready to speak out just yet she figured mentally. (While Rain is technically a neutral/peaceloving character, I am iffy but we'll see where her developement takes her. Nothing crazy, but what can I say, spit happens.)
  12. @@ProbablyNotLyra, @@AuroraMLP Rain looked at the results pleased. It brought due attention to the pony who by skill, luck or most likely a mixture of the two bested her fair and square. "Well I'll be, you did it. Somehow I knew in the end I would be accepting your offer regardless. Now all that remains is to see how the Griffin does. If you were any indication, then I may be passed yet again haha. Say how old are you? You definitely don't have the same proportions as any pony I've seen," She said more curious than anything else. (Yeah, I agree, I like it better. So we can say gouge someone's eye out with a throwing knife then right? lol anyway, I am glad I suggested this test then. I may just make that my goal for this RP...)
  13. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra "You totally got this Mirage." Noticing his nervousness. "I have practice and I still get bad luck occasionally. It's no big if you aren't good at something right away." Trying to raise his spirits, she smiled, and tapped him on the back.
  14. @@AuroraMLP, @@ProbablyNotLyra (Okay that last post backfired on me . Just ignore the spaces when you type it in. @ [ member = ' username ' ] That should post clearly now.)