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  1. HEY YOU! Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you'll find a bunch of fellow Bronies and Pegasisters on this forum, that's what it's for! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free I PM me!
  2. I kill you with magik because you didn't leave me with anything. I leave you deodorant.
  3. Banned for letting Goku beat you in a rap battle. :/
  4. Welcome to the forums from me as well! Sorry it took so long, I was hiding from you! I got bored an decided to come out.
  5. Banned cuz I got my avatar from google, but I edited it the way I like.
  6. Banned cause I'm on an iphone and my avatar is still 20% cooler than yours.
  8. Hey! Welcome to the forums! I'm still kinda new as well!
  9. Rainbow Dash is obviously best pony. I mean, sonic Rainboom? Invented by RD. She is Radical!
  10. Rainbow Dash would win. It wouldn't be close. Rainbow Dash's sonic Rainboom occurs when she goes Mach 5 speeds, 5 times the speed of sound. When the Rainboom occurs, her speed instantly doubles, going to Mach 10, 10 times the speed of sound. Sonic can only go Mach 3 at his fastest.
  11. I was addicted to Skyrim for a while. There's so many things you can do!!!