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  1. boiteporte

    Best 4K - 5K Gaming Monitors~

    There are no existing monitors out there with the criteria you require.
  2. boiteporte

    Chernobyl Disaster

    Well, the workers there know what to do and what not to do in order NOT to get radiation poisoning. The main problem is caesium-137, one of the by-products of radiation. It emits alpha radiation. Caesium-137 contaminated the whole food chain. But, it is harmless as long as it stays outside your body. So you would be fine as long as you don't go licking the floor or eating local food. Unfortunately, a lot of people eat local food because they have no money to buy imported products. This severely reduces their life expectancy.
  3. boiteporte

    Do you read the first post in a thread?

    I always read the first post. In fact, when I do create a thread, I just can't stand people who give half-answers because they couldn't be bothered to spend some minutes reading the first post.
  4. boiteporte

    Video Very British YouTube game reviews and voice acting!

    It's pretty good. I do like your voice as well, but you speak too fast for me
  5. boiteporte

    Pompeii or Chernobyl: Which one is the unluckiest city?

    The Chernobyl accident purely happened because of human stupidity. It wouldn't have happened if they had been smart about it.
  6. boiteporte

    Pompeii or Chernobyl: Which one is the unluckiest city?

    1500 remains were found at Pompeii. As for Chernobyl, the death toll is estimated to be about 4000. Not many direct deaths but a lot of cancer caused by radioactive fallout.
  7. boiteporte

    News Britain has left the EU, your thoughts?

    So, a lot of firms are considering pulling out of the UK as a result and again, the Pound has taken a huge dive. The worst one so far. Which means that things are going to get more expensive for people in the UK.
  8. boiteporte

    News Britain has left the EU, your thoughts?

    But that's the thing.. The next step for the UK is to negotiate the terms concerning their withdrawal, and you can be sure that the EU will have very harsh terms in order to discourage other countries from leaving. The UK didn't listen despite all the warnings. They will no longer have access to the European market. The Pound has taken a huge dive. It's a financial suicide for the UK..but yes, they are free indeed. Free to drown.
  9. boiteporte

    The Evil Within - It Doesn't Need a Sequel

    I have the PC version, and I can safely say it runs at a constant 30 FPS (60 if you unlock the framerate through the command console or uncapped if you unlock it even further). I did find the game very hard, but that's what made it very scary in my opinion. Plus, one of the leading arguments for the game was its graphic content, and it really delivers on that part. I did notice Sebastian falling to his knees after 4 seconds of running which was disappointing. The voice acting was average and the story was mediocre. But overall, I enjoyed the game.
  10. boiteporte

    Leaving PC gaming for now. Sold my rig.

    The Xbox 360 lasted 7 years, I really doubt you could use a card for that long, even the most high-end ones. The general consensus is 4 years.
  11. boiteporte

    Leaving PC gaming for now. Sold my rig.

    I personally prefer Nvidia over AMD. Especially in the high performance range.
  12. boiteporte

    Leaving PC gaming for now. Sold my rig.

    I vaguely remember you, back when I was a lot more active here.. You were well into PC gaming. I wonder what happened to make you sell everything. In PC gaming, you have to invest quite a lot in order to stay on track, if you see what I mean. The 970 was very good when it came out..but things move forward quickly and become obsolete quickly as well. That's the main downside to PC gaming. On a side note, I'm not going to get a 1080. I might as well wait for their Pascal Titan (or whatever they're going to call it).
  13. boiteporte

    Are Computers Magic?

    And I wish I could turn lead into that's high level magic for you. Unfortunately, this won't happen. There might be things that science can't explain at the moment..but all things that look like magic because they're unexplained will eventually be explained sooner or later. EDIT: Physically speaking, it is possible to turn lead into gold..but if we talk from a practical point of view, you'll never ever ever ever see something like that happen.
  14. boiteporte

    Technology Which Do You Prefer, Windows 7 or 10?

    By the way, it should be worth adding to everyone who thinks that the upgrade could break something (and thus don't want to upgrade for this reason) that Windows 10 offers the option to rollback to Windows 7, should you not like what you see or if something goes wrong. Also, rolling back is an extremely simple, fully automated painless process
  15. boiteporte

    Technology Which Do You Prefer, Windows 7 or 10?

    Actually, surprisingly enough, Windows has done a great job at compatibility compared to Windows 8. Things that didn't work under 8 might work under 10. I already said this in a similar thread but Windows 10 is just great. A huge improvement over Windows 7. It combines the best of 7 with the best of 8. And I recommend the upgrade to everyone. Personally, I am on the Windows Insider Program and it's thanks to us and our feedback that you guys get the best