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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. An entire episode focused on the villains? Haha, that sounds like my cup of tea. I really enjoyed it! The banter between Tirek, Chrysalis & Cozy was great and the three of them are really entertaining together. Makes me wonder how Sombra might have fit into this group... kinda feels like a waste there. While not my favorite villain Cozy is starting to grow on me -- she's "Darla Dimple" aka evil Shirley Temple and there's always been something oddly hilarious about such a character. I find Grogar to be intriguing and have high hopes for him being truly as powerful and dangerous as he claims to be. I wonder if revealing just how easily Discord could have taken out Sombra was a hint of something to come -- I have a feeling Grogar is stronger than him. It'll be interesting to see where our villainous trio's backstabbing plan leads and if Grogar is already anticipating it. He obviously doesn't trust any of them and seems to be pretty smart. I thought this was a great ep overall, it deviated from what we're used to and the focus on developing the villains and their relationships, while adding to the plot, was very refreshing. Hopefully we'll see more of this uh... fiendship soon!
  3. Hands down one of the best episodes of the whole show, in my opinion at least! Just....wow. Absolutely worth the wait and yes manly tears were shed, I have no shame in admitting that. Beautiful story. Loved the song too! That was when the waterworks really started for me...and the ending was just....very bittersweet. I am still curious about exactly what happened to Bright Mac and Pear Butter and hope more will be revealed one day.
  4. I enjoyed the trailer and don't mind the animation -- actually I kind of like it. It'll be nice to see a 2D-ish style on the big screen after...how many years has it been now? Maybe I'm just old but it kind of gave me a 90s vibe and I'm glad it's not pure CGI like everything else seems to be these days. There are a LOT of new characters to take in and I'm a little worried how they'll fit them all in without making things feel rushed...but I trust they'll make it work. Tempest looks pretty awesome and I can't wait to find out more about her. From what little I've seen I have a feeling she'll be a favorite among the new characters. I wasn't sure I would like Grubber when I first saw his image but now I think he's kinda cute. Still can't figure out if he's suppose to be a badger (honey badger?) or whatever but I love pie too. XD We don't get to see too much of Storm King in the trailer but for some reason he strikes me as a mix of Tirek and Discord. Capper is also barely in the trailer but I do think he's cute and I'm not among those complaining about how weird or out of place anthro cats are since anthro cats have been in the MLP world before. Remember Catrina from G1? Her being from Abyssinia would make perfect sense. Starlight Glimmer is standing near Trixie at 0:17. Luna, Celestia and Cadence can also be seen (albeit very briefly) at 0:28 in. No sign of Discord, Big Mac, Shining Armor or the CMC unless I missed something but I hope they all at least get cameo appearances. I'll be honest, my hype level dropped considerably when I read this because Discord is my favorite character. I guess there's still a chance he could have a few minutes of screen time with no speaking lines. It would seem rather odd to leave any of these characters out especially when every other character (even minor background ponies) seems to be making an appearance. Speaking of which, haven't seen any Derpy yet but I have a feeling they'll throw her in somewhere. Soo yeah, I guess I'm "nervouscited" but I think (hope!) this gon' be good.
  5. NOOooo!! No moar awicornz!! XD If anyone else becomes an alicorn princess it should be Discord. He totally rocked it. As for a gay character/couple, maybe I'm just too much of an optimist but I won't give up hope. The times they are a changin'.
  6. Yeah I saw that on EQD earlier. Pretty cool! Just wish they hadn't turned her into an alicorn. XD
  7. Never say never! The world is (slowly but surely) becoming more progressive. Gay relationships should be normalized in kids shows and I'm happy to see other cartoons are already doing this. Also, while they may never officially confirm them as a couple, Lyra & Bon Bon are totally "best friends".
  8. Interesting...very interesting. Anthropomorphic animals are nothing new in the MLP universe. I actually love the look of Capper, he reminds me of Catrina from G1 and I can't help but wonder if there will be any mention of her. Probably not but hey, my nostalgic heart can dream. I'm most intrigued by Tempest Shadow, a unicorn with a broken horn...can't wait to hear her story. Grubber immediately made me think of Bunga from The Lion Guard.... _o:
  9. Helping critters in need is pretty much my life. Fixing feral cats, fostering kittens, rescuing dogs, nursing an injured raccoon back to health, helping an abused chicken and getting her to sanctuary, aiding in pig rescue, baby birds, snakes, toads, etc. Even the smallest matter. Just last week I moved a grasshopper and a caterpillar out of the road. Fluttershy is my spirit animal. :awuh:
  10. Ooh, nice! I agree that the long noses are reminiscent of real seahorses. Also interesting to see Rarity and RD as sea ponies...they're adorable. XD I can't be the only one who hopes they somehow work in the old G1 sea pony song, right? The nostalgia would be overwhelming. Shoo be doo!
  11. Hocus Pocus is THE best Halloween movie in my opinion...it's been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Nightmare Before Christmas is a close second, I watch those two every year. It's tradition. Some other classics I enjoy: House of Dark Shadows, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Frankenweenie (both the old live action short and the newer animated movie). I'll watch random horror movies and spooky tv shows like Paranormal Witness and My Haunted House too. I like to scare myself...somewhat. One movie I will never watch again is The Ring...the nightmares. :awuh:
  12. Well I wasn't expecting that Changeling twist at the end of the S6 finale either so nothing would surprise me. Plus they brought Sombra back in the comics, soo...why not? If the umbrum look anything like they do in those comics that would be pretty awesome. They were pure nightmare fuel. I loved them. XD I do expect Chrysalis to return for revenge at some point in S7 since it's so heavily implied. This was actually the first thing I thought of after seeing the finale and it seems possible. But would Tirek betray Chrysalis once he regained full power, just as he did to Discord...or would she betray him first? I'm kinda loving the idea of the umbrum army now too. However...bringing Tirek back increases the chances of seeing Scorpan and I really want to see him make an actual appearance. I've loved him ever since Rescue at Midnight Castle. I also really wanna see him have a tea party with Fluttershy and Discord. XD Then again! Maybe we'll get an entirely new villain...or another revamped villain from the 80s (Grogar plz!?) Continuation of the Chrysalis revenge plot aside I also really hope the poor neglected (and easily captured) royal sisters get at least one or two good episodes in S7. I'd love to see more of their past or just a nice episode with them as the main focus. Seriously, make it happen already.
  13. I really hope we get an episode like this one day! This has been the season of Spike and I love all the new friends he's made -- pretty powerful allies, too. I'm sure they plan to revisit them in the future.
  14. Yes, I simply couldn't resist and I'm really bad at avoiding spoilers so I figured it'd be more enjoyable to watch it early. Anyway it was fun staying up late and exciting having to wait for part two instead of getting the episodes back to back.
  15. After watching the second part I just.... ALL THE FEELS. I'll use the spoiler tag again to be safe....