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  1. There was a nearly invisible shard of glass on the ground, and I was absent mindedly spinning around in my chair. Next thing i knew my foot was bleeding ._.
  2. Elegron recoils from the bullet, immediately looking for the sniper. he sees the glint of a scope and ducks for cover, levitating out a health potion. "sniper to the north east!" the wound is closing, but he doesn't have time to wait, he kept out from his cover and decides that the others might be too busy to deal with the sniper, so he pulls out his own rifle and lines up the sights. 'breathe out.... steady..... don't jerk the trigger....' the shot rang out from the powerful rifle.
  3. Elegron sees that there's an attack coming from both sides. he knows he won't be able to as effectively block an attack from behind, so he waits for the perfect moment..... just as the bolts fly in his direction, he teleports just out of the way to watch the chaos about to unfold from his little magic trick.
  4. Elegron sees the telltale signs of a shield spell and springs into action. he teleports into the group of unicorns and blasts them with a magic area attack to their horns. his offencive Magic wasn't good enough to do any real damage, but it certainly give them one hell of a headache, and break their focus. Elegron quickly takes a slice at the closest enemy unicorn, and gets ready a guard spell.
  5. As many members have noticed, the server has slowed almost to a complete stop. if this isn't a DDoS, then what is it? I'm curious now.
  6. "no dyna, it's.... hard to explain. but terrible things will happen if we don't stop them" Elegron says as he runs after dash, his power armor being surprisingly light for its bulkiness. he had an idea already for a good suit that wouldn't hinder mobility, but that would have to wait. "let's hurry before skittles tastes the rainbow" he says, grinning at the dark humor.