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  1. dusk.night

    Open Pony Art Online (IC RP)

    Who? Me and Equinix or Me and Shiri. Im so so so hungry , Im confused. Dusk , lifted his plate to equinox , Hoping he'll bring him some food. (Celia , would you mind , sending a message to equinox , tell him to comeback. we need him, This story is not enough with the two of us. please)
  2. dusk.night

    Open Pony Art Online (IC RP)

    Again eith hurry up thing. wont you just relax Equinox? we'll get there but first lets feast!!!! Shiri- Darlings right , lets eat for now and worry about that tomorrow , well then , settle now darlings because the food is about to be served right Celly dear? (WOW GUYS , you two should read this thread again , even if its just celia, equinox , shiri and dusk, who are here, we still had a pretty good dang Story and the adventures we had , have such Good moral lessons thats why I dare you two toRead it again , its freaking awesome and Im sorry for not being active for about two years? haahhaha , Ive been busy with my Life)
  3. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    The captain has finished the checklist but before he went on his way he made a huge sigh and went to the main deck to call for those who are still not called. "Good evening my fellow ponies, I would like to ask that for those who are still not called , please proceed to the main deck for me to check you in , thank you." @Pucksterv "man , its almost 12 and the cap't isn't finished yet, sigh , what a tiresome job" then dusk looked at trivy who was digging all the food for herself, "oyoyoyoyoyoy!!!!!!!! don't eat it all, give me some." but before dusk could eat something , he was bumped by this two ponies who he thinks were s couple. "I'm sorry for bumping, hey wait " dusk remembered a familiar face. "did we met somewhere before, cause you look familiar, I'm sorry for my rudeness "
  4. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    when the two earth ponies was confirmed present in the cruise the capt'n said to them. "Very good lad , and I hope you two Love birds find yourselves confortable in my ship, aside that said , please , you may proceed to the party at the 2nd floor ," the capt'n points the direction. "Go straight there and make a left then right and you will find yourselves a stair and you may delight yourselves with the musicor the food." "thank you" and then He continued to call the names of the tourists.
  5. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    dusk answered trivy with a sad smile. "well , its just that I want to go somewhere from from this place , cause its just filled with happy memories that turned to a heart ache, you know?" then he touched his necklace again and lookes at the full moon. at the deck cap't- ms. moon, please find your roommate so that we can proceed to our departure if youwould be so kind , thank you. then the cap't started to call more passengers then after a few minutes. room 135 mr.refund and mrs. ruby are you here?
  6. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    dusk leaned to trivy and was about to andwer her but dusk saw a pony wearing a captain hat, and was holding a long paper, after a while he tapped the mic to test it. mic test mic test , is this thing on? eherm, welcome every pony , I'm deeply sorry for the delays hhaa, but we wil really start our cruise right after this. but before I start I would like to invite you to my party after this at the 2nd floor of the ship as my apology for the delays as I said. so without further ado lets start the roll call. please proceed to the party once your name is called. then the cap't started to call the attendance of the passengers to see if they are around and for safety. after a few minutes room 134 mr. dusk and mrs. trivy are you around? dusk answered yes!!! sir!! cap. - good , well please proceed to the party and enjoy then dusk pulled trivy to the party. dusk- well here's the food , enjoy hahaha after a while room 133 ms,. moon and ms. assassin are you around?
  7. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    0.0 dusk looks down , and scratch his head, and smiled. he said to himself. "shes just like you" as trivy stormed out so as dusk. he galloped to catch up with trivy , "hey didn't I said a while that I'll treat you?" beforw trivy could say anything dusk pulled her to get to the dining area faster" din don don "attention to all passengers , please go to the deck for the roll call, all passengers must be there this moment" thank you then dusk said. "on second thought , the eating can wait" then she pulled her towards the deck and they arrived their, waiting for the others to come.
  8. dusk.night

    Planning ship wreck

    sigh., I want you to properly introduce your OC for the RP, so that we can properly put her in a proper place or room in the cruise so that we can properly finish chapter one of the RP
  9. dusk.night

    Planning ship wreck

    please PM me for your entry, we can talk about scarlet and where you would appear in the RP
  10. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    so stoic hahahahah again about that , I was just so tired and my only thought was just to get some sleep, I'm not usually like that, only when I have some problems or just exhausted, but anyways , I'm sorry again for being rude to you ms. trivy. dusk is still waiting for the hoof of trivy while his hoof is getting tired from waiting. so what do you say?
  11. dusk.night

    Dragon nest players

    well, im kind of bored playing Dragon nest without some friend to talk to, its kid of getting a little lonely while playing without other players, I am hoping to have some brony / nest players/ friends at Dragon nest , I just want to do some nest like Dragon nests'. hahaha
  12. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    hahahaha dusk forced a laugh , and scratch his head. Im sorry , lets not point hooves on whos fault this is , hey why dont we cool our heads at the area where we can eat, my treat smiles at trivy. then dusk gives her a hoof again will you accept my apology ms. Trivy?
  13. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    dusk was so embarrassed that he cant complete a proper statement. "why you, this is my , what the heck is wrong with me? what the heck are you doing in my, arhgggg!!!!!!!!, dusk immediately went out of bed, and had a face hoof" For celestias sake , just please , please give me a nice day tommorrow, I can bear this incidents today but please , please oh spirit of luck , please give me a great day tommorow , thank you. with that said , dusk turned around and went back to his usual self. "anyways, lets just never speak of this again and have a fresh start" eherm " Im dusk night from ponyville and you are ms trixy right?" we need to go to the deck for the role call. then dusk offered her a hoof and is waiting for her response
  14. dusk.night

    Open Ship wreck

    radio- ton don don, attention passengers , the problem has been fixed , with that , we can now depart but please proceed to the deck to have the role call , again.ease proceed to the deck for the role call. thank you dusk- ~___O "is that really necessary" @ Pucksterv then dusk saw a very wierd thing beside him, because of the moon light , he saw he's room mate beside him.. 0__- -__0 0__0 ........ woahh!!!!!' what are you doing in my bed? dusk asked trivy
  15. dusk.night

    Planning ship wreck

    I think we can handle you mate hahahahah welcome aboard. yow trivy ,I made you my pillow , hahahahaha