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  1. Alex Vepra

    Alex Vepra’s Commission Shop (OPEN)

    Offering a second option for a traditional fullbody drawing! From now on you can either choose style 1: or style 2:
  2. Alex Vepra

    Alex Vepra’s Commission Shop (OPEN)

    I will be expanding my roster in the upcoming days once I get everything set up properly, so there will be more options in my shop. Alongside that, I will unfortunately have to raise my prices as I simply cannot justify spending five or six hours on a drawing for the current prices. So if you want to snatch some cheap drawings, the time is now before I have the new roster finished. Commission for Kyoshi: Commission for Harper: Commission for YuiZone:
  3. Alex Vepra

    Alex Vepra’s Commission Shop (OPEN)

    Added an option of a digital fullbody drawing up above^.
  4. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Lots of new art! Also my commissions are open.
  5. Hey there! I’m opening up some commissions! Buy through here. Examples of traditional sketch (offering one for $6): Examples of headshot icon (offering one for $9): Examples of a traditional fullbody drawing (offering one for $15): Examples of a digital fullbody drawing (offering one for $15). The flag is optional, and if you want to include it, can be completely custom (pride, country, other…): Examples of a digital fullbody lineless drawing (offering one for $15): Contact me through PM. I reserve the right to deny any commission requests I may receive. Please contact me first and discuss your ideas with me before proceeding with the payment. You don’t have to have a reference sheet. When contacting me in such case, please make sure to describe your character as accurately as possible and be sure to include a colour palette. I will do my best to portray your character the way you describe them to me, but I am not responsible for any inaccuracies caused by not having a reference sheet. After receiving your payment, I will sketch out your commission and send it to you for approval. If you agree with proceeding, due to the nature of my work I will not be able to make any more changes after that. I also reserve all rights to my artwork (the characters are of course property of their respective owners). My pieces are for my personal use as commission examples, posts on websites etc. Places to follow me at if you want to see more of my art outside of commissions: Twitter Derpibooru
  6. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    An art dump for the past two months. Those are not all of them, you can find others on those sites.
  7. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Unfortunately, I do find deviantArt to be incredibly annoying with its pay-to-win promotion, anti-adblock pop-ups and the terrible mobile app. I do have one, but I haven't uploaded to it in a while. I now use Tumblr, which also tweets through my Twitter art account automatically, and is much easier and better for me to use. Thank you!
  8. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    A couple of fails with the Mondeluz pencils. I had to acquire some pretty expensive new papers after the first picture. Hopefully with a bit of training…
  9. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Okay, finally something new.
  10. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Thank you so much guys for this feedback. I have some new pieces for a project but won't share them until it's finished this spring. For now, I've done all the work I needed to do on the project and can return to making (and sharing) other stuff. Something new should be coming soon.
  11. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    I'm glad you like it! I'm sure you'll get great at art.
  12. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Thank you!
  13. Alex Vepra

    Andy's Art Thread

    Thank you! And yes, I will. Inspired by this.