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  1. "Alright, but it will be a bit difficult to open considering..." Punic simply pointed at the broken lock; it had a hole in it and sparks were shooting out. "I didn't design the building, but there may be an opening mechanism from inside, so go right ahead" he adds.
  2. (Sorry for the wait) @@Lightning Crasher, & @@Midnight_Aurora, Once you both near each other, a group of ponies drop from the trees covered in dried mud and sticks. They ambush you unexpectedly and knock you both unconcious. You both wake up in a cave, it is a spherical shape and there is a small bonfire in the middle. You are both in different cages made of large bundles of sticks. @@FatPat, You hear shouting in the distance and a ruckus as well a little bit later, and suddenly it is silent again. The trees begin to sway violently.
  3. Punicpunch thought for a moment about whether or not he could trust this "Dark Ooze Clone" "Alright," Punic agreed, "I'm already having trouble getting into the building anyways." Punicpunch walked back towards the door and looks at the broken lock. "You have any ideas?"
  4. @@Midnight_Aurora, As you whisper, a wind begins to blow, odd since there shouldn't be wind in the middle of the forest, but the direction of the wind takes you to a campsite. @@FatPat, As you continue to back up, you wade into the nearby bushes, and the rustling gets louder, and suddenly the rustling stops. @@Lightning Crasher, As you become more anxious, the trees begin to swish around, not in the sense they are alive anymore, but it almost seems something, or somepony, is climbing around on the branches.
  5. In response to the sheathing of the ooze clone's sword, Punic also sheathed his hooksword. Punic was confused by the clone, why would a clone be created to help? Especially when it was made completely of evil-looking ooze. "But, why? What reason do you have to help me?" said Punic, skeptically.
  6. Punicpunch was surprised by the shockingly similar shape of the ooze. He pointed the hooksword at the mirror image. "Wha- Who are you?" stammered Punic. Punic eyed down the oozy clone to see how similar he was copied. Was he just aesthetically similar or completely cloned?
  7. Immediately after shoving the sword into the lock, a squelching noise caught the attention of Punicpunch. Curious of the noise, he jerked the hooksword from the lock and walked around the corner; he would enter the door after this "brief intermission".
  8. Punicpunch looked at the lock and saw the simple addition problem turn into a complex equation even he did not know. Outraged, he looked around and saw the surveillance camera. He unsheathed his hooksword and took a quick swipe at the camera to disable it. Punic electrified his hooksword and jammed it into the lock in an attempt to overload the wiring and unlock the door.
  9. @@Midnight_Aurora, Crystalwing gets through the forest relatively unseen by any inhabitants of the forest at the moment and notices the canopy of the forest to become thicker and block more light. @@Lightning Crasher, For Lightning also, the canopy blocked out the light, making it more difficult to see. The atmosphere of the forest came from a strange source and didn't sound like it was coming from a creature, but the forest itself. @@White Out, As Dippy searched around, the shrubs began to form a narrow path and a quiet rustle came from the end, almost inaudible. @@FatPat, When Still called out, a few seconds later rustling came from nearby shrubs, not from the campsite, but from beside him. The sounds emanated from the large shrubs outlining the path.
  10. Delighted by the response, Thinker trotted over to the sea-saw. He walked over to the far side of the sea-saw and slowly pulled down the board so he could climb on. After getting on, he carefully pushed off the ground so Congy could climb on and push back.
  11. After a while of planning, Punic finally came up with a plan. He would find an underground access and use his secret prototype to make his way up with the assumption 42 would be at the top. Punic approached the large building and surveyed the landscape for maybe a ventilation shaft or something related. He went nearer to the building to find a vent but couldn't locate one. He decided to just break in through the entrance and try not to trigger an alarm. Punic trotted up to the entrance and it was protected by a mathematical equation.
  12. When Punicpunch is transferred to this unrecognizable land, he is enraged to find the land has become numbers. On a whim, he decides to track down 42, because who else would make a world purely of numbers? His tactic is to find the largest building shape and breach it to approach 42 about this "issue". After a bit of flying around (give or take a few minutes), Punic notices the large shape with numbers spread throughout the walls. He began to come up with a plan in order to interrogate 42.
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and post again for the newbie and you Midnight. @@Lightning Crasher, You come back after a day of controlling the weather, but the clouds aren't listening to you so you quit early. You guess that it is coming from the Everfree Forest so you head in. @@Midnight_Aurora, "Of course" Flitterwing says, pushing the door wide open. She begins reading the flyer and rolls it back up and gives it back. "I don't know what to tell you" she replies. "I suppose you should start around there" Flitterwing points to the Western side of the forest. "It may be the quickest way, but I have nothing else to tell you."
  14. @@White Out, As you canter to the forest you notice the light get dimmer as you go deeper into the forest. The path begins to disappear and you find yourself lost in the Everfree Forest. @@FatPat, As Still walks down the path, the forest begins to block out the sun, making the path even darker. You begin to hear noises emanating from the various shrubs in the forest and you see an abandoned camp. @@Midnight_Aurora, A few seconds pass until Flitterwing opens the door. "Oh, hi Crystalwing." She replies "What do you need?" Flitterwing said, giving a helpful look. WHAT DO YOU DO?
  15. "Hey Congy," He said, "Do you want to go on the Sea-Saw? I don't have any friends here." He said, not minding the fact he has a distinct lack of friends. He started to stare off again, but caught himself. He didn't want to make that kind of impression on a potential friend.