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  1. I never neede critic to tell me was a good movie or bad mlp was a great movie beside rotten tomato score and many oders
  2. what cartoon or cartoon series do you think suck this days or before ?
  3. I consider better then Disney movie from 2000 to 2018 and some of the old ones
  4. yes a second movie will be awesome and 1 more season to complete 10 season that it no more event If want more
  5. The brony fandom is not dying is going in a phase and the end of bronycon is not the end of the fandom yes one of the greates con is ending but there always can be another con can raise better then bronycon in the future. if you guy really want the fandom to die let die but stop being so negative be more positive if you don't want to let the fandom die stop complaining over his dead and do something about it to not let die . always be positive in the sea of darkness and despair there always light and hope
  6. I am Christian chatolic my entire family is. we are a very conservative traditional religious family
  7. I don't watch any anymore and the brony analysis community sucks
  8. what your favorite song of the movie and why ?
  9. MLP G4 in the macy thankgiving parade ? what do you think of the idea ? I been watching macy thankgiving parade and I would be awsome they can add mlp to it. like a parade with the mane six dancing and singing or just a parade with a ballon of fluthershy
  10. Do you have you ever been to chuckecheese ? do you like it, hated , do you find the weird or whathever ?
  11. In the future I am planning to make the equestria girl and the pirate outfit from the movie rainbow dash outfit for the fursuit I have the guitar
  12. I don't know if this is the correct topic for this sub forum. This my rainbow dash fursuit it was created by Atalon the deer what do you guy think