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  1. But my,thank you so much!Hope I wont dissapoint in the future Hope so as well But still,thank for taking the time to give it a read
  2. long live queen Gilda.

    1. SuperNESBrony




      gilda is love, gilda is life.

    2. NinjaPomeranian


      indeed she is

      all hail the best non-pony character

    3. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      She's awesome! =D

  3. Thank you so much Yeah it is,must admit.Tho I plan to write a mini sequel to it (wont be incredibly long either,but I will try my best to make it as long as I can) Glad to see you enjoy my writing so far,cant wait to see your future reviews,hopefully
  4. where is the Gilda fan club when you need it?>/

  5. Take your time,at least I know in the morning I will get a review And is my first,so dont be too harsh with the critique glasses
  6. Finally somebody who likes Sunset with the same obsession as I do.There is still hope

  7. please,check my latest topic.Is important for me.

  8. Decided to post it here in a topic my um,my first writing Apparently there are grammar errors,but according to the people that said it,they arent that...eye sore.So you shouldnt be bothered by them that much,I guess.I think So yeah,please please give it a read,it could mean the world to me,a new writer that still needs to get the hang of this thing I got the inspiration while watching Griffon The Brush Off again,after watching The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone(my fav episode of season 5) for like,the 10th time.Did I said I love that episode?Because I do,and I love Gilda too,fantastic e
  9. Yo Welcome to the forums I hope you will have a great time there and make lots of new friends.You can PM me if you want to chat Enjoy your stay :grin2:
  10. sorry for the hiatus~

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Well, you're back now, and that's what counts. ;)

  11. sorry for the hiatus~

    1. inactive lol get mem
    2. NinjaPomeranian
    3. darkwingmare


      Welcome back to the forums! We all need a break sometimes.

  12. Thanks for adding me as a friend

    1. NinjaPomeranian


      No problem~ Friendship is Magic //shot

  13. We will see about that...we will see...
  14. >cries of happiness at the though Gilda will come back in the griffonstone episode

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    2. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      That would definitely be cool. :D

    3. NinjaPomeranian


      It could.But after all the map sends just Pinkie and Dash....oh boy,catch me,fangirling again ;;

    4. Trine


      I wonder how that will turn out. Maybe RD and Gilda will be friends again, like changed and just sorta forget what happend or something. Either way, sounds fun ^^

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