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  1. NinjaPomeranian

    Help with my first story,please?

    But my,thank you so much!Hope I wont dissapoint in the future Hope so as well But still,thank for taking the time to give it a read
  2. NinjaPomeranian

    Help with my first story,please?

    Thank you so much Yeah it is,must admit.Tho I plan to write a mini sequel to it (wont be incredibly long either,but I will try my best to make it as long as I can) Glad to see you enjoy my writing so far,cant wait to see your future reviews,hopefully
  3. NinjaPomeranian

    Help with my first story,please?

    Take your time,at least I know in the morning I will get a review And is my first,so dont be too harsh with the critique glasses
  4. NinjaPomeranian

    Help with my first story,please?

    Decided to post it here in a topic my um,my first writing Apparently there are grammar errors,but according to the people that said it,they arent that...eye sore.So you shouldnt be bothered by them that much,I guess.I think So yeah,please please give it a read,it could mean the world to me,a new writer that still needs to get the hang of this thing I got the inspiration while watching Griffon The Brush Off again,after watching The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone(my fav episode of season 5) for like,the 10th time.Did I said I love that episode?Because I do,and I love Gilda too,fantastic episode :grin2: Anyway,before I fangirl over Gilda more than I already did,lets move on shall we? So yeah,again,please give it a read,and please tell me what you think.Again,I tried my best,but is my first so be easy on me Also,I hope Gilda is in character and everything.Is a...short story,but hope you will still enjoy it(warning tho,apparently even if its short it can give you feels still .You had been warned ) P.S. Sorry so much for the hiatus!I will try to be more active and if things go well,I will write more and post it there too so you guys can still give the story a read and tell me what you think and...and stuff :grin2: Now the link to the story,shall we?
  5. NinjaPomeranian

    hello everypony, im new to the herd!

    Yo Welcome to the forums I hope you will have a great time there and make lots of new friends.You can PM me if you want to chat Enjoy your stay :grin2:
  6. NinjaPomeranian

    Brace yourselves, Winter is Coming!

    We will see about that...we will see...
  7. NinjaPomeranian

    Spoiler Season 5 Episode 8 REVEALED

    If Gilda doesnt appear,Imma eat my left leg.Ya hear me? But just...well.The map sends JUST Pinkie and Dash to a place full of griffons...hmm.. :grin2: I could love her return,specially since she is my non-pony favorite character This is either the Gilda return episode or a missed opportunity Im wondering if Gilda changed....if not,I think she will try to eat Pinkie or something
  8. NinjaPomeranian

    (Redone) Hello~

    Thanks And sure thingy~ Missed this place And you can keep the muffins,just gimme my cider
  9. NinjaPomeranian

    Spoiler Season 5 Episode & Synopsis List

    the legit is strong in that one
  10. NinjaPomeranian

    Technology What colour is your phone?

    A Nokia Lumia 520 that is white but also black...dark and edgy like my soul and that has a red cover :grin2:
  11. NinjaPomeranian

    Are you a kin?

    I finally found out today why I had a really...strong connection to a character,so I decided to make a topic to hopefully meet other kin friends Otherkin,fictionkin(like I happen to be) or whatever.It doesnt matter,youre free to share your story and everything what are you kin? Dont hesitate to tell,I wont judge one bit~ :grin2: P.S. if you dont know what otherkin and the liking are,Google is your friend. Also even if you dont understand it,there is no need to judge. And dont be rude to somebody here.This topic is meant to make my fellow kin friends come out of their shell,tell me who they are kin to and the liking.Not for you to judge,mkay? I,for one,am kin to Rainbow Dash
  12. NinjaPomeranian

    (Redone) Hello~

    Thanks you :grin2: And that video
  13. NinjaPomeranian

    Why are Celestia and Luna considered "Gods"?

    ...of course we never see it.Is a kid show.They wont tell you the birds and the bees on it And meah,assuming they dont appear by magic meh.I could rather dont discuss how equines mate
  14. NinjaPomeranian

    (Redone) Hello~

    Thanks for the very warm welcoming,I hope you will have a good time there too And will do :grin2: Thanks for the warm welcoming :grin2: Plenty of reason,including - I like the fact they never state why she is the way she is,so you can have your own headcanon For instance mine is that while her and Dash were besties,Dash was the "cool" pony and you could get popular automatically if you were friends with her and stuff.And when Dash leaved Gilda,she began to be bullied for not being a pony,so she turned herself into a bully so she will never have to deal with that again - She yelled at Fluttershy(I...dont like Fluttershy.So points to her for that,I love that scene ) -I just like her generally.She is a very interesting character for me and I could love to see her again(and considering a future season 5 episode is about the map sending Pinkie and Dash to a place full of Griffons,there is a possibility :grin2: )
  15. NinjaPomeranian

    Why are Celestia and Luna considered "Gods"?

    ugh not everything has to do with christianity ponies dont have religion.They never had and they will probably never have.