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  1. But...but....I actually really like PTV. Collide with the Sky is one of my favorite albums. They're pretty talented.(Even if some of their lyrics are a little too emo. Maybe they'll get more mature as the band does.)
  2. Oops. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out Denim&Venom. Learn something new everyday. I really do just like black metal so I guess I should have stayed out of the rest of the conversation. :X Food Library.Foooood Library. XD One of the funniest shows ever!!!!
  3. To everypony who is acting like a physical attack is ridiculous, WAKE UP! We don't live in Equestria. People attack people all the time for seemingly no reason. Anger can be a result of confusion and frustration. There are a lot of ignorant, hateful people in the world. Just saying. (Anypony remember Matthew Shepard??????) And, I sincerley hope that none of you wonderful people ever come across any of the sick minded d-bags that I hear about on the news all the time. Much love all. <3
  4. Cannibal Corpse is Thrash metal. Fun fact: That is Jim Carrey's favorite band!
  5. It makes me think of the animated movie. Never seen it? It's aight. I also feel like some people here are mistaking heavy metal for black metal. HUUUUGE difference. I LOVE black metal, personally. Not the biggest fan of heavy metal....but I do have a certain love for Slayer. :3
  6. Superheroes. It all just too much anymore. Besides. Superhero < Super villain. imho
  7. =D Thank you! You'll have to meet Sega and Sugarfoot too. *takes puff* For Twist, you know you mah girl boo.
  8. Okay, I was hoping I didn't miss something like that. And btw, would you like to hit my pipe? *extends pipe* His name is Professor Membrane. :]
  9. Whenever I thought about Twist and AB relationship, I felt awkward. But I never disliked Twist at all. AB has the CMC. Does Twist really hang out with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara? Never picked that up.
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