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    the grass must be greener on the otherside even though there is a swamp here
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    I have a lot of interests including, reading, playing video games, watching great shows like mlp, doctor who, once upon a time, you name it :) all around I just love going out with good friends and having fun. i'm just an all around romantic

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  1. Happy birthday, Britt! Please come back soon. :)

  2. i'm thinking about my awesome Steven Universe panel that I am doing for Wed
  3. My heart and prayers go out to those people in Paris. I hope they all stay safe in this dark hour.
  4. I'm voting for Bernie Sanders but I'll only give a few reasons why and not the whole package, its because he wants to give people free college tuition (naturally Community college) as well as rising the minimum wage rates because $9 cannot support a family especially if that family is a single mother with a child
  5. I watch it at my house on the couch with my boyfriend in front of the TV
  6. my wishes and prayers go to those in Paris tonight, may they all stay safe

  7. maybe at first I'd splurge on myself then put it into my bank account