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  1. I don't think a character can be offensive.And having a mental slowness could actually make for interesting stories The idea is that they learned a lesson they humbly went down to accept their punishment.The CMC cause all kinds incidents yet there never told to clean up while snips and snails had to clean.
  2. I feel the same. Flash is helpful. The comic books state he was startled by a possum so i think he is afraid of small mammals.
  3. He is a very good guy. Helpfull kind but easily tricked(battle of the bands song.)
  4. Agreed. I just totally agree. My main problem is when people say his character underdeveloped and then fume when he pops up in a later episode. they want him fleshed out but they are refusing the opportunities to flesh him out. Its like you have an empty glass and you want milk . you yell and drive people crazy but you totally refuse to feed your dairy cow.
  5. I agree to the idea reintroducing him as a gaurd and not as a love interest. My headcannon is that he has a strong hold for justice and fairness hence why he went digging into trash cans to prove twily's innocense. Maybe that's why he went to the crystal empire after it was under tyranny for so long.
  6. I found his design interesting. It just stands out.
  7. enjoy the characters of snips and snails simply for their comic relief. I never saw these two as characters to lead a lasting emotional impact . But then they had that scene in flight to the finish where they suggest that they could be the ones to carry the ponyville flag and everyone gave them looks that say "Are you serious? I mean...seriously...you guys?" and they smiled nervously and said "it could happen." I don't know about anyone one else but when I was in my younger years people would laugh at the idea me being part of a big sports competition and for a good time in my life
  8. What you said, I agree. It would so much more creative and a fresh idea if that was the case.
  9. I do prefer Flash Sentry, but he could use more fleshing.maybe a scene in season 5? As for comet tail, well he's a background pony, so ......yeah. -_-
  10. Needle Eye
  11. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: I was randomly internet surfing when i found it, so yeah. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I love girly things. I was 14 when i found out about it. I was on you tube when i saw the episode too many pinkie pies and i loved. now i'm obsessed. I am a 15 year old muslim girl in kenya. I love girly cute things and am interested in art. I wish on becoming a character designer and story maker. I have so many ideas Its just so awesome .
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