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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure! Firstly, it's rare that I like games based on movies or shows, so I'm sorry if I'm a bit biased. Aside from that, I'd be worried the game would be too easy, considering the target audience for MLP is children (remember that us older fans are outweighed by the amount of younger viewers even though our fandom is big), so I'd feel like I wouldn't find it challenging or all that enjoyable! The concept is nice though, I just feel like it'd be a bit too simplistic. That's why I enjoy the fandom-made games and mods!
  2. I can answer your naknaknak question, hehe. Especially since you linked to a tumblr blog. It's a reference to the webcomic Homestuck in which creatures called nakodiles make that noise; since theyre both kinda like alligators/crocodiles I'm sure that's why he says that on the blog - but Gummy is mute as far as we know in MLP! I hope that helped a little!
  3. Manchester is my city so I will be there for sure! Will probably be kitted out in MLP lolita - very excited! Hope to see you guys there!
  4. Eridan Ampora

    Being Open: How?

    It always makes me feel so sad how some bronies feel the need to hide their interests. Society can be so cruel. Wear what you want and buy what you want - if anybody judges you it says more about them than you!!
  5. Thank you very much!! Thank you for the friend request too!! I'm liking your green text also!! ( :
  6. Eridan Ampora

    Hay there!

    I have to admit I found your story touching!! Best wishes for the future, friend. I know you can achieve your dreams!!
  7. Eridan Ampora

    Brony Newbie

    Wow your experiences sound super exciting!! I'm glad you feel differently about the show now!!
  8. Hi there!! Thank you so very much!!
  9. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Google!! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I noticed the craze in 2010, ended up watching it myself and never looked back!! Hi everypony!! I'm Eridan and I have been a pegasister for a few years now, but I never knew about this place!! I lurked for a few weeks but I thought it'd be more fun to join. I'm so awkward about attracting attention to myself but I thought I'd post this anyway. I really hope to get to know you guys!! Thank you for reading!!
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