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    "Have you ever tried going mad without power? I't's boring, no-one listens to you." - Russ Cargill

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  1. WunderWaffen_

    MLP Forums Banner Contest II Poll

    I went for #9. The pixel art looked awesome. Also they managed to fit all ponies I can possibly image on there. Top Kek.
  2. WunderWaffen_

    Equestria is real... No seriously.

    But if a pony dies every second, and a somepony is born every second, why isn't the population of Equestria 0?
  3. WunderWaffen_

    Equestria is real... No seriously.

    I was driving through my fair country of South Africa, and it just dawned on me. There is a place called Equestria in South Africa. So after a little Google Maps I found the exact location. Take a look! https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/Equestria,+Pretoria/@-25.763325,28.338155,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1e955e5c875906fd:0xa65176214cdebc80
  4. WunderWaffen_

    The brony fandom died. What do you do?

    A good pilot goes down with his plane. Thank god I'm just in the crew. kidding. No, but seriously. As long as everyone who replied to this topic stays alive, the fandom will not end. Now we just have to train the next generation of bronies. Sounds fun!
  5. WunderWaffen_

    Anti Bronies are stupid

    A classic case of the wannabe. These guys won't kill you. 1)They would be too afraid of the consequences. 2)They wouldn't even have the courage to do it. Maybe the nutter that was sent to jail had. 3)They have been probably researching bronies, and some might even be closeted bronies by now. If they continue with this behaviour they sure won't like it if there are police sniffing around. Tell the police about "gang related activity" That should shut them up.
  6. WunderWaffen_

    sfm pony

    Herro! I am using SFM for some pony artwork... I also found some resources that I'm sure that you will appreciate. https://ponysfm.com/ http://sfm-ponies.deviantart.com/ I use these pages for mostly everything I need. Models and Particle effects are the most important things that you will need, and a keen eye for animation...
  7. WunderWaffen_

    Show me your desktop!

    As the title suggests... Show us your desktop! Here's mine: I know this has been done before... but I just really miss this thread, and I thought a revival was in order! Also. That's not a real PS3 Emulator. It's a joke i played on my friend. Ignore it.
  8. WunderWaffen_

    Almost caught in the act

    I think it was a few years ago, I was with a few of my friends. Suddenly an advert comes on the TV for MLP toys. Only one of my friends knew about my bronyness. He said "Getting excited, are we?", Looking at me. Everyone in the room, turned and faced me. Thank god my reply was "As much as your mother last night!". Woo... saved it.
  9. WunderWaffen_


    Hmmm... Sounds interesting. Not the name. Perverts. So it's like online Age of Empires... I might even sign up. That name though. God it will make me look weird. "Hey WunderWaffen! What you playing?" ">CLOP" "Oh god man! Really? That's disgusting!"
  10. WunderWaffen_

    Ponies in exile?

    Sounds interesting... Sparks of curiosity have been lit.
  11. WunderWaffen_

    What makes a true brony..........?

    I meant to no intention to be rude. Maybe I was a tad blunt, sorry... Anyway... Although there is a difference between people who like the show, and people like you described (Me!). I think asking this question can only end in people feeling rejected from the "True Bronies". Because they are not as addicted as I or many people are.
  12. WunderWaffen_

    What makes a true brony..........?

    I don't think there is such a thing as a true brony. We choose whatever we want to be. Why do we have to label ourselves with these things? If you like the show and identify with it, then so be it. If you ate the show and resist, so be it. Why should you have to stereotype yourself, and call yourself a "true" brony?
  13. WunderWaffen_

    Heyo! Please be gentle...

    I wasn't actually sure what it's meant to be either... That's the weird thing...
  14. WunderWaffen_

    Cutie Mark Crusaders

    Not bad at all! The shininess of the hair works really well!
  15. WunderWaffen_

    Heyo! Please be gentle...

    I made this image/thingy in Source Filmmaker? What do y'all think? I'm not very practiced with the program but here is my attempt at a Mane 6 envisioning.