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  1. WiponCat

    Leaving the Forums

    thanks for pointing it out to me. I hope the correct grammar please you When I said shit, I meant as in having a failed life and then taking all your misery to the internet. Not refering to my music as shit, thank you
  2. WiponCat

    Leaving the Forums

    Okay so, It's come to this. I have decided to leave the forums for good. I have come to this decision due to a number of facts -I was hoping people here would be more friendly and open-minded. Except for the few people I've established a good relation with, I find that most people here are basically miserable people trying to maintain themselves by spreading their shit on the internet -I don't find that this forum promote freedom of speech. Rather the opposite. -I don't think that the moderators respect me as a member and they don't offer me constructive critisism whenever I break a rule -I was hoping to be able to promote my music here, but It seems that nobody care about such things. As I didn't get approved for the critic-group, I never got the chance to help stear things up either Don't get me wrong though. I've had some truly great times here at the forums. It's just that the bad things have started to exceed the good ones. So I guess this is goodbye. I was hoping that we could get to know each other, but I guess we'll just have to be missing out on the awesome friendship we could have had. Maybe we'll see each other on some other forum, some other time ps. I'll give you all a couple of days or so to misspell your 'whatever's before I actually delete my account
  3. WiponCat

    Movies/TV Dumbest movie you've seen

    dude, taht piranha one.. taht's some sick special effects XD
  4. WiponCat

    Ask Wishful Thinking

    I myself am also a fan of philophy and big questions some time ago I got a little thought most of my thoughts may appear silly, but anyway, If you find this worthy prehaps you'll give it a thought >Humans create a machine that tells us what our purpose is (HHGttG: Deep thought) >If there is a god, did he create us in order for us to tell him his purpose? My thoughts:
  5. WiponCat

    Humanized Fluttershy

    It's nice, but well.. I myself don'treally see manga as human
  6. WiponCat

    Becoming Luna(Original Song =^_^=)

    Summary: Great! You have a great voice and you did a splendid job writing the hole thing yourself. You managed to write it in a way that makes it intresting and progressive through the entire thing. The guitar is very plain, but then again this is a typical acoustic singer-songwriter song. So, well keep it up! I hope you get a chance to get it recorded with proper equipment sometime:) The singing is on pitch all along and that voice.. - you've got that indie sound I love so much to hear I see other people commenting on the syllables not matching to the song - well, sometimes It's a bit off. I you find that the syllables don't match to the notes, try to add some soul to it and you'll sort it straight out (which you're sort of already doing)
  7. WiponCat

    So Many Drawings! All of my art...

    Did you draw taht avatar of yours? It's one of the best ones I've ever seen
  8. WiponCat

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    9/10 Daring Awesome Do
  9. WiponCat

    Movies/TV Dumbest movie you've seen

    there is a movie called "Zu Warriors" basically japaneee jibberish and evil flying coffe-beans
  10. WiponCat

    FlutterDash Shipping Fanmusic Yay! [Rainbows & Butterflies]

    Not a bad first attempt at mixing. I see you started up that compressor and it's working fine, but try to tweak some of the knobs on it. I suggest adjusting the attack and release knobs a tad. The general build was neat, but try to add some additional EQ to push the compressor. Like for instance, make sure to keep and eye on that spectrum so that you have sufficent bass ammounts contra the treble. You're really getting the hang of the sound FX when it comes to white-noise and cymbals, but I suggest adding some more hits to add effect, aswell as skipping some of the reverb on the FX in order for it to blend in more with the music. But keep in mind that ups and downs with white-noise and different drum beats can only change the dynamics so far. In order to really make it intresting and progressive, you'll have to work with filters and instruments placed differently on the frequency-spectrum aswell as some variation in the melody. In score, I'd give it Melody: 3/5 - It's a good one, only a bit alone;) -some variation would be awesome Mixing: 3.5/5 - keep up the good work with that compressor! The EQ is getting there - keep an eye on the spectrum
  11. WiponCat

    Radiarc - Chaos Arranged (Original)

    pretty sweet! Although woudn't be necessary. Discord would defeat anypony in a matter of seconds
  12. WiponCat

    Crush, Kill, Destroy, SWAG

    this was sick man! Heavy wobs, love the acid touch to it. Just awesome I there have to comment on something, it would be that the snare sounds a bit.. over-compressed. Otherwise, plain awesome! mad props!
  13. WiponCat

    Otarine~ Screws Around: Becoming Popular

    I've always had a liking for this kind of repetition of chords, and this truly has some sweet harmony to it. Although, I suggest that you add some sort of reverb to the chords to make them sound fuller and not quite so choppy. I know choppy is part of the genere, but you know
  14. WiponCat

    Octavia's Hall Critics

    Splendid! I thought this forum needed a bit more of this! I hope I get approved, I'm looking forward to this by the way, when/how will we be notified if we get approved?
  15. WiponCat

    Becomin popular cover

    You have a great register aswell as a great voice - especially for only being singing actively for six months. One thing you'll have to practice though, is the mic technique - make sure you keep a constant distance from the mic to add a more professional touch to it. This is very important since you don't compress your vocals digitally. But all in all, great work! Keep on singing and your pitch-perfection and mic technique will bloom in no time!