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  1. Battleship with my little brother :3 Do you like homestuck?
  2. Gonna see that guy tomorrow :b

  3. Planning for the next school year is boring and fun at the same time..!

  4. So I pretty much ruined a chance for a date... ]:

    1. Captain MacMillian

      Captain MacMillian

      That sucks...but can always re-schedule it on a different day.

    2. Sinnia Verika

      Sinnia Verika

      I guess so ):

  5. I think science and magic are the same. We just have to figure things out to make them work in ways never before though possible.
  6. Picture Frame I gaze across the room from my place on the mantle. There isn’t much to look at, at least not any more. I remember a time when laughter and merriment filled the air, and the fire burning beneath me kept the room full of warmth and happiness. Children sat before me – never noticing me of course – talking and playing with each other while adults sat in large chairs behind them. Over time others joined me up here on the mantle. And as more time passed, they left me. Now there sits only an old man in a chair, gazing into a fire absent of warmth. I've watched him for a while now, day after day, month after month. His hair has thinned into an unkempt mess, a shriveled lawn of dead grass. His eyes stare absently forwards, dull and boring, for a reason I figured out long ago. He’s thinking about them again. Like I said, there isn't much to look at. This waste of a man scarcely leaves the chair here now, only being absent from my sight for short measures of time. He never does much. He sits and thinks, and thinks and sits. It really is a sorry sight. His legs shift and his hands press down hard against the arm rests. I can’t believe it – he’s standing! His old, frail frame shuffles its way towards me, and he wheezes with nearly every step. His long boney fingers reach out and grab me, and a splinter finds its way into his thumb. He carries my old, frail frame back to the chair. Oh no, I think, not this again. He falls into a heap of old memories, feelings, and dreams. All things that are long gone. They aren't worth reminiscing, which I suppose is an irony that I shouldn't be allowed to think. He brings me to his forehead, frailness against frailness, and begins to sob. “Why?” he asks. “Why are they gone?” I’m sorry, I say. I do not know.
  7. then the story went back to the gravity/apple pony, and she was angry that her idea had been stolen.
  8. yeah, probably ]: but it should be worth it in the end..!
  9. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow ];

    1. Ribbonfree


      nobody ever wants to go to school under ordinary circumstances, lets be honest

    2. Sinnia Verika

      Sinnia Verika

      @Little Black Dress


      yeah that's true :b

  10. the GIGAPAUSE sucks, right..? ANYWAY, let's share trollsonas and such!
  11. She looked from the apple and then to the tree, a smile cracking on her lips
  12. So, this is how it goes: I'll start off the story, then the person under me continues it! Each post is only allowed one sentence, so use that sentence wisely! ----- Once upon a time there was a lonely apple tree.