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  1. it have completely devoured my social life ;__; the endless amount of worlds the monsters the dungeons FCKUING EVERYTHING!! its been worth the wait, i tell you that. ive been playing it pretty much all day and all night since it came out, with a small break near the wipe
  2. lately all my social life have been killed by 2 games. Starbound and Hearthstone there is just soooo much to do in starbound and ive been waiting months for the beta key! and i have a strong feeling i will stick with em and Dota2, especially now with a new game mode and champ!
  3. ((PC master race)) nah but one of my all time fav is GameCube with Windwaker and Luigis Mansion. though i have to deny my childhood friend for the PS2, it is just something with that console. and the game the fav game for it have to be Kingdom Hearts, no matter what its still a classic and a wonderful game if anyone ever get the chance to play it i highly recommend it
  4. i have like, 3 best friends, but there is only one that i share everything with. I've known one since the second i was born, not even kidding. he was in the room when i came to life, he still means the world to me and will always be my friend. the other one i met when i moved for the first time, but time went past and he changed into something he used to make fun off, i love him, but i dont really trust him as much as i used to. The one i trust the most have i known since i was 3, even though he is the youngest of all my friends, he is the one i trust the most. Why? well since i have known him since he was 1, i had a big part of his childhood, we have almost everything in common, every thought, opinion, morals and such, i dont even call him for a friend anymore, he is more like my brother c:
  5. Sheepy is just one channel, then we have such great people like Rameses B, Blackmill, MitiS, but sheepy posts their songs so i guess you can count them as one. and if you want some music tips, i am your man, i constantly search for new music and is open to try pretty much anything. like for example; ya want Celtic music = brunuhville and Adrian VonZiegler, loud noises which barely make sense = We Butter Bread With Butter
  6. i use music for pretty much everything, but it all depends on the style/genre. for example; whenever i work out i tend to listen on Metal and punk, such as Alestorm, Dropkick Murphys, Skiltron, Raised Fist etc. when i just want to calm down and think there is chillstep and classical, when i feel like i want to draw or animate it really depends on the moment. if i want to get in character when playing D&D or just voiceacting, Two Steps From Hell is the path to go. and then we have the few songs that just, REALLY hit the spots, some always cheer me up and some can break me down to a pile of gross sobbing in seconds. TL;DR: pretty much for everything
  7. well then... it appears im single once more.

  8. i dont really watch nick anymore, games have taken over my life. but the best ones gotta be Legend of Korra and Avatar, LoK is better imo the worst, uhm... i dont really know, i don't remember any shows D:
  9. the games i play the most ATM gotta be - Bastion, on new game plus - Dota2 - LoL - Kingdom Hearts, as always.. i think ive played that game more then all my games combined.. and ofc Terraria since the new patch is massive is fumbuckets
  10. nah, the show ive gotten into the most is Adventure Time, even though FiM was and still is an awesome show it can never take the number one spot for me c: Legend of Korra and Helsing Ultimate have been close to the same level but never reached that level.
  11. welp, my day turned into shit all the sudden :c

  12. dragonlance! all of them, its a D&D book. well if you're into fantasy and long parts when little things happens. but it will all lead up to something big, i really enjoy it and at least think its worth a try
  13. re-reading my first letter to a girl i got to know here, and now we are both crying from laughter x'3 funny how things turn out... also she is like, one of my best freinds now

  14. noooooooo...just no