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  1. I swear, Umbrellabirds are the Elvis of the Aves class

  2. I like the tune and broadway style. It's a decent song overall. The reason I say decent is because the lyrics are all about how she (rarity) is generous and everyone should "just sit back and watch, how I live". It is a self-pat song. Look at how great I am! I like rarity, but she is not THAT generous and the episode really didn't need that song.
  3. Having this be a monthly contest sounds amazing! Being able to see other artist's work every month in banner form is a superb idea. I'll be brainstorming my own idea for the banner to try this out.
  4. I absolutely love her soft punk hairstyle. She is just too adorable! Her cutie mark is the sisterhooves social? Is her talent being a good sister? Being a good babysitter?
  5. Little rose luck is my favorite background pony! I'm so glad that there is a fan club for her. I find ger color pallet extremely pretty. One of the best colorschemes around.It's fun to look for her in the background.
  6. I prefer 50-60°f. I don't like massive amounts of heat and I'm not a fan of snow. A nice breezy day with mild temperatures is my perfect day. It's nice to walk around town without sweating or chattering my teeth!
  7. Lemon


    Very good work. You did a good job with getting the canon poses and expressions down. I can't wait to see more of your work. It'd be awesome to see you grow into your own style, combining canon style with your own flair.
  8. Profile name: I go by lemon nearly everywhere. I love lemon flavored desserts and I like adding lemons to spice any dish Avatar: Well my name is lemon....I'm on a pony forum..so why not draw up a quick lemon pony?
  9. Little confession: I don't like pony shipping. Or any shipping for that matter. I just don't see the point. *Insert hate mail from tumblr* But hey, I don't mind shippers. I just don't partake in it.
  10. Hey, Lemon. :)

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      Hnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeeeeeeeee uuunaceptable! Conditionssss!

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      You know it! If they say no, we feed them to the zombie ponies! :P

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      Good morning, Lemon!

  11. Hmmm. My main beef is the mysterious mare-do-well. I feel like the way the mane cast handled the situation was terrible. I would think that they'd create a superhero that RD would admire and strive to be more like and thus, stop her self praising. What they did is just insulting. This is only my opinion though. I'm interested in what others have to say.
  12. Race: Pegasus or Earth Pony Where I would live: Vanhoover Pet: A Toco Toucan Pony I'm most likely to hang out with: Anypony really. I guess for canon sake probibly fluttershy or twilight. Job: Animal research and ornithology. I'd document species behavior and try to discover new species.
  13. To me, a ponysona is you at the core. They look like how you want to look in the mlp universe. They have similiar personalities and talents that you do. BUT, because this is the mlp universe you can get creative with the backstory. You can have it be parallel to your own or something different that makes sense in the mlp universe. In my opinion Oc's and Ponysonas are differentiated by their personality. An oc is their own personality while a ponysona is very similiar to your personality.
  14. Well. As someone who comes from a nerd family with my brother being named after a star wars character, why not? Certain names are a bit too weird. Twilight, rainbow, flutters, ect. Rarity, cadence, luna, and lyra are all neat names. (Some used already as names) So yeah, as long as the kid is not negatively impacted I think it's fine. If a child can be named northwest or hermione, we can have a rarity. I don't know if I will ever have kids but rarity is #1 on my list of names for a daughter. It is just so pretty and roles off the toungue. As for the topic of whether the kid will be embarrassed, if you show them at a young age they may take some pride. Sure, its a show about ponies but as they grow up they make their own identity. My brother hates starwars despite being named after it, but he aint embarrassed. He has made the name his own and that is what matters.
  15. To me, the fact that crystal ponies have not been explored in canon is the reason. We know very little about them so creating an OC is harder. It's a lot like a blank canvas. You can start anywhere and everywhere but the amount of freedom is scary. You don't know where and how to start. Too much creative freedom can paralyze the artist. So the boundries of other species actually helps to create interesting characters. The crystal ponies have very little creative boundries which makes it seem like an overbearing project. Does that make sense?