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  1. @ I don't mind at all. Go ahead!
  2. @[member=Khajiit] Hello! I was wondering if my character Bird Brain could request a few repairs to her vest (or possible order a new one.) If not, I understand and hope you have fun in your rp!
  3. Lemon

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    Bird brain trekked back to where the stage mare had performed. She had taken some wrong turns in the town and was nearly lost for a good hour. Good thing the smell of baked apples enticed her. After following her nose she spotted Red Cedar's distinctive dark red coat. Bird brain trotted towards him. "Good morning Red!" She yelled from across the marketplace. Once she was closer she spoke again, "Looks like you beat me here. For such a small town this place is confusing to navigate! Sorry about making you wait." She smiled, happy to see him again. "So, I was wondering. While I went exploring, lost actually, I saw a large crystal castle. I thought this town only had a mayor. Is there royalty here now? Or did the mayor like crystal empire architecture? "
  4. Lemon

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    Bird brain: @@Red Cedar Previous day: Bird brain thought for a bit. Having company during her research trip would be nice. She knew Red Cedar would be respectful of her work and not intervene in a negative way. "That sounds lovely. I would love to have you come along! It'd be nice to catch up and have some company." Next day: She emerged from her tent with a small yawn. The sun had poked out of the landscape completely. This was her cue to pack up the tent and supplies. She laid her saddlebags out and began stuffing them with whatever she could fit. After packing she had a quick breakfast of water and a small muffin. Bird brain put the heavy saddlebags on her back and lifted her camera strap over her head. She was ready to get going to trixie's show.
  5. I like the tune and broadway style. It's a decent song overall. The reason I say decent is because the lyrics are all about how she (rarity) is generous and everyone should "just sit back and watch, how I live". It is a self-pat song. Look at how great I am! I like rarity, but she is not THAT generous and the episode really didn't need that song.
  6. Having this be a monthly contest sounds amazing! Being able to see other artist's work every month in banner form is a superb idea. I'll be brainstorming my own idea for the banner to try this out.
  7. Lemon

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    @ @@Red Cedar Bird brain heard a familiar voice and turned around to see the stage pony.After hearing her talk she bowed her head as well to be polite. "It is a pleasure to meet you." Her head lifted back to a normal position. "Funny you should ask, Red and I were just discussing plans to come see your next show. I think it's admirable of you to try again. It takes a lot of courage to put your heart out on stage, and strength to do so again after this crowd. " She looked at the crowd of ponies dispersing to get back to their daily routines. "It aint easy to be rejected by many, but you have heart, I can see it. I can't wait to see your show and see you prove those ponies wrong." Bird brain blushed at the amount of words she had spoken. Had she spoken too nicely to a stranger? Was it impolite to gush out like that? All she could do now was hope that the stage mare didn't take her words the wrong way and become unsettled.
  8. Lemon

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    Bird brain looked at red cedar. "Well, kinda. I was hoping to get started on my research tomarrow. I guess I can enjoy myself here a little longer." She glanced at her saddlebag and quickly planned out her future actions. She would pitch her tent near the town to sleep for the night. That way she wouldn't be in anypony's way and won't have to be too far. Her food ration money will have to spent wiser. She didn't know how long she'd stay in town. Her planning turned to worrying. It would be worth it though. The extra days meant good times with friends, with Cedar. "I'd like to see her next show. See if she improves and stuff."
  9. Lemon

    Candy Mane Fan Club

    I absolutely love her soft punk hairstyle. She is just too adorable! Her cutie mark is the sisterhooves social? Is her talent being a good sister? Being a good babysitter?
  10. Lemon

    Roseluck Fan Club

    Little rose luck is my favorite background pony! I'm so glad that there is a fan club for her. I find ger color pallet extremely pretty. One of the best colorschemes around.It's fun to look for her in the background.
  11. Lemon

    What is your ideal temperature range?

    I prefer 50-60°f. I don't like massive amounts of heat and I'm not a fan of snow. A nice breezy day with mild temperatures is my perfect day. It's nice to walk around town without sweating or chattering my teeth!
  12. Lemon

    [Ponyville] Trixie's Traveling Show

    Bird brain heard the crowd nearby grow silent. She assumed it was a silent vigil for the pony who was killed in front of them. A voice yelled across the crowd that the pony was not dead and it was all an act. Her hooves lowered to the ground and she opened her eyes. She noticed Red Cedar's hoof around her and smiled at him. "I'm fine now. Thanks bud." She took a long breath to calm herself down. Her head turned back toward the stage to see it being dismantled. She turned back to Red Cedar, "What a shame, that was a wonderful trick. Cruel, but well executed."
  13. Lemon


    Very good work. You did a good job with getting the canon poses and expressions down. I can't wait to see more of your work. It'd be awesome to see you grow into your own style, combining canon style with your own flair.
  14. @ Oh thank you. I've been using that thread to try and build her character a bit. I don't have a specific role play in mind. I'm willing to try anything you like. Since this is my character's first day in ponyville, pinkie may want to throw a welcome party? I don't mind one-on-one or group rp.
  15. Profile name: I go by lemon nearly everywhere. I love lemon flavored desserts and I like adding lemons to spice any dish Avatar: Well my name is lemon....I'm on a pony forum..so why not draw up a quick lemon pony?