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  1. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    Discord Fan Club

    Dudes DUDES I found Discord´s favourite music video
  2. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    Canterlot Dungeons: are they filled with anyone?

    There are probably some criminals in them - even an utopia has assholes. Also there wouldn´t be a reason for guards and police to exist without criminals. The dungeons are probably there because Canterlot wasn´t always the royal residency, so it might have had a cruel ruler once who required dungeons. But I don´t think these dungeons are used nowadays like a traditional dungeon, but more as some place criminals are put until Celestia (or a pony she delegetates the job to) figures out why they are criminals, and how to help them and their victims.
  3. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    The Dragon Lord quite obviously wants to attack Equestria (if I heard it correctly, I may be wrong). While just being there doesn´t make for a good reason to declare war, them interfering and Spike getting the Sceptre would be a good reason to declare the trial for non-valid, to banish Spike and Ember as traitors to dragonkind and to demand a new trial. This would likely cause a schism between the dragons, some would follow Ember (thus either be neutral or help defend Equestria) or whoever becomes dragon lord according to the new trial (thus attack Equestria)
  4. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    I feel very much the same; it was like the plot of some platform-rpg based on mlp.
  5. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    That would have meant a declaration of war between Equestria and the Dragons. A princess interfering directly in the political affairs of another countries without their consent? Completely out of question. Plus, she follows scientific rules in her studies, so her interfering would mean both a political eclat (if not war) and the knowledge she gained being without value.
  6. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    She is the Dragon Lord! All hail to the Dragon Lady!
  7. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    Dude, this Dragon Lord needs to be the target of a prank-off between Discord and Pinkie Pie. Gotta love those fishies Theory: The Dragon Lord is this big because of the power of his position. (Similar to how greed makes a dragon large) When his daughter becomes Dragon Lady, she will grow and he will become small. Edit: Theory is proven wrong, but no hard feelings as it makes for a better story this way.
  8. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    Won my bet. Also, flame-cano is a pun befitting a Dragon Lord as "grand" as that
  9. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    ´Twilight got her inspiration from Maud
  10. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    She would have told them not to go there.
  11. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    They should not tell Fluttershy about this. Disturbing bats in their sleep is really bad for them. Fluttershy would be really angry at Rarity.
  12. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E05 - Gauntlet of Fire

    Ok I bet the Dragon Lord will not fridge around
  13. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E04 - On Your Marks

    Let´s go with AppleTaps, the other one sounds...
  14. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E04 - On Your Marks

    Doesn´t make it less cute, tough
  15. ~ Dr. Ocsid ~

    S06:E04 - On Your Marks

    Ahem, I don´t think we should judge CMC episodes on how they compare to that one. It´s pretty hard to get that high on the scale