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  1. are you still trying to hide them! ^_^ (how's it going though, been a very long time)

  2. Hey, Chaotic Doomguy!

    1. Erza


      Hi, do I know you?

    2. Rainb0wdashie


      sorry for the late response, it's me Rainb0w Dashie from Equestria Forever. But I see you haven't logged in for over a year either :(

  3. Could somepony give me some help? I'm trying to draw a pony in a 4-point stance for a picture I want to draw, but I'm running into some problems. I'm using this picture as a reference, trying to draw it from a side view instead of from a downward one, and my body and hooves just don't look right. My attempts are below: Gestrue drawing: Roughing out the figure: Refining: The head looks fine, thge wings look fine, I can even work with thew hooves a bit, But I don't know how to get the rest of her to look right. Do you guys have any tips?
  4. I do draw actually, here's my DA, and I was thinking of recreating the images I saw in my dream, but I'm apprehensive because they were done in a light, sort of book illustration style, like made with colored pencils, and I've never done anything like that before and I'm afraid of screwing it up. That actually causes me to not do a lot of art, it's a hang-up I'm trying to get over.
  5. Hello forum, Rainb0w Dashie here. So I'm starting to have pony dreams more often lately. The last few I remember walking down the street with EqG Fluttershy, holding her hand, and thinking to myself how she smells like blue raspberry candy, and a clop dream about Twilight that I'm not going to go into great detail about. Last night though I had a particularly interesting dream. Interesting in the fact that I've been on a drawing binge lately and in the dream I was looking through an art book in my living room with a bunch of pictures of Twilight Sparkle. There were at least a dozen o
  6. I dunno why I'm posting here, just felt like talking to someponies. Anyway, I bought the rest of my computer components tonight, well at least enough to get the thing started. I've been trying to build this thing since 2013 but life kept getting in the way. My job at the time went south, then I was having money issues at my next job, and eventually I just forgot about it. But I've been needing to upgrade my tech for a while. I'm trying to get into game streaming and animating so I needed some serious processor power to be able to do anything like that. Even trying to record for my youtub
  7. Bunch of pony stuff A cool shirt And a 3 in 1 printer, scanner, and fax machine! Last one's kinda out of left field, but I wanted one last year when I was thinking of going into insurance inspections.
  8. Short and simple: I'm working on a pony fanfic and need some help naming the main character. Some characteristics of the character: She is Rainbow Dash's sister Shares the same coloring as Dash (blue coat, rainbow mane), except her mane is much longer, around shoulder length, and has different colored eyes. Where Dash is confident and boisterous the main character is quite and reserve. However, she is not the 'polar opposite" of Rainbow Dash. The two characters have different motivations and different background stories that influenced their outlooks and how their personalities devel
  9. The sketch The drawing The first pony picture I'm proud to have my name on. seriously, in the three years I've been doing pony art, this is the very first picture I can look at and feel pride, can look at and not think "I sure wish I could've done that better" or "That didn't come out like it looked in my head." The only thing I can find wrong with this picture is that I didn't paint Dash in the style I wanted to, I wanted to do a complete digital painting of her, but I found a cool shading and lighting technique that balanced it out, so it's good enough for now.
  10. So it's like 1:30 AM right now. I got home from dropping my friend off and I noticed the sky was completely clear. Absolutely no clouds. I decided to look at the stars. Like I always do, I find Orion first, because he's the easiest to spot. And as my eyes focused I started seeing more and more stars, and off to the right of Orion I saw this odd cloud looking thing. I at first thought it was a smudge on my glasses or my breath but I could even see it in my periphery when looking at other stars. It reminded me of nebula dust like on the arm of the Milky Way. As I continued to look at i
  11. Y'all be forgetting about our beloved Paper Bag Princess!
  12. I forgot I had a status feed. What's up everypony? :3

  13. So uh, I know you don't like gaming but... Wanna play Dota together? I'm really good with Luna
  14. If Gilda doesn't return I'm gonna start breaking shit. :okiedokielokie:
  15. I don't see how they can return since the EqG canon exists only in the movies. I don't have the direct quote in front of me but some of the writer's said they aren't going to cross the plots of the show and the movie.
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