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  1. Shy horse noises

  2. Once upon a time (Gosh has it really been 5 years now? Geese I feel old...) I would rp a little on a different mlp forum. I'm just in need of little help getting back into the swing of things and a bit of advice on how to join rps. Since then I've developed pretty bad social anxiety though, and it's hard to get myself out there, heck, posting this is one of the hardest things I've done in a while. Feel free to treat me like a complete newbie though, i've lost a lot of luster.
  3. Bread.

    1. Blue


      We cannot teleport bread anymore.

  4. I'm really ticklish in my everywhere. Even my hands are ticklish!
  5. Spatt

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    It's a tie for me between these Owl City songs:
  6. I can't decide between Granny Smiths (the apples, not the wrinkly pony) or honeycrisp... darnit now I really crave apples.
  7. Why is it so hard to find a nice casual RP? It seams like every second one is about overthrowing the princesses or some grimdark horror nonsense.

  8. If you're a Lyra fan you might like this blog http://heartstringscomic.tumblr.com/ I think it's really well made, tells a great story and looks just like the show.
  9. I'm the kind of person who can't sleep without cuddling on something, so I have a large pillow that I use as a substitute for the lack of real person. Being alone doesn't bother me, but I just can not get comfortable just laying there by myself.
  10. This is pretty much what I think would happen.
  11. I count myself as homosexual because I like men, and while I have no problem with the physical appearances of women, I have yet to find myself attracted to a woman yet.
  12. "Sorry" (I literally tell people i'm sorry even when there is no reason to).
  13. Spatt

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I need to post more, ughhh.
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