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  1. Im heading to the con now. Gonna see the super smash ponies panel. EDIT: August 4th- Gonna walk around little Italy today then heading back to Florida on the 9:00 Flight tonight, anypony else heading back to the sunshine state?
  2. Just met up with darth luna. Anypony else at the con wanna meet up?
  3. Im watching the mane event in the ballroom on the top floor. The event ends in about an hour. Everypony was brohooving in the long line lol.
  4. Omg where r u! I must find you! I'm going to the buy some apples to apples event on lvl 400
  5. Already in the vender line. Anypony wanna meet up look for a tall male with a rainbowdash beenie and a pony bag. -------------------------------- NOT IN THE VENDER LINE ANYMORE. UPSTAIRS LEVEL 300 ------------------ BTW My pony bag has RD, Twi, and Pinkie I have a green shirt that reads upgrade levels and jeans. Plus a pair of vinyl scratch socks. HOPE TO MEET YA!
  6. ER MAH GERD! I can't wait to meet everypony, ahm so psyched! I'll try meeting up with sweets at the entrance. I will be wearing a green shirt that says: UPGRADE LEVELS. Everypony seems so nice here :3
  7. I'm watching the orioles game on wednesday. First baseball game I ever attended. STOP I'm flying up today from Orlando, Florida. In fact I'm typing while sitting in front of the gate I'll take. Gate number 127. STOP Also, where, when, how, are we all meeting up. I am dying to know. I have an upgrade levels shirt I wanna wear when I meet up with everypony. Are we meeting in the convention, outside it, or at some restaurant. Omg I can't wait to meet new ponies! None of my friends or girlfriend could make it tho STOP [sWEETS POST] Thursday!- All day! Maybe go walk around Baltimore or chill out in the hotel room. I'd love a relaxing day to draw. But who knows? Might mingle in the hotel lobby before I get registration. [sTOP] OOH which hotel? I'm staying in the Marriott Renaissance across from the USS Constellation. Hope you'll be there
  8. Everypony should meet up in the convention center with a sign reading: MLP FORUMS HERE!
  9. Who's going to bronycon! :D

    1. K.K. Slider

      K.K. Slider

      Third year here!

    2. Upgrade Levels

      Upgrade Levels

      First time for me XD

  10. Thanks Terminus, I'm sure I'll have plenty to enjoy with such nice ponies around! I had a feeling this would be a good forum site. I tried forum chatting before and became a chat legend on a small app I had, then things turned, but everything's great now that I have a fall back forum
  11. Just made all my cursors Vinyl Scratch cursors! XD

  12. Always nice to meet a fellow beginner Hope you enjoy the site as well
  13. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: Through the poniverse, which I found through the pony project, which I found off a Roblox roleplay, which I found while searching on Roblox, which I found from a friend, who I met about a decade ago. Everything connects don't it? How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My BEAUTIFUL girlfriend is a fan, she made me interested, next thing you know we like each other even more I'm am very great with friends, bad at making them, great with keeping them. I just wanna be friends with everypony. I LOVE playing games, in fact I actually MAKE games. (Technically not yet) I am also unnaturally tall, and very sweet with young ponies, their just so adventurous. Oh, I am also VERY scientific. You know, very fluent with my nomenclatural words, ya know? Very genius. So if you wanna be sociologically connected through this great series of algorithms and codes, Great! Because friendships are built to last
  14. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! My first Bronycon is coming up eeee! I'm so happy! :D

    1. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      I wish you look at Bronycon and hope you have fun and meet some more Bronies to befriend! =P

    2. Upgrade Levels

      Upgrade Levels

      Ah hope so too! I've been saving up soo much to buy me some plushies :D

  15. At least no one has though to challenge feminism rights in the show "too" much. Else we'd all have to start worrying about politics in the herd. Too much paperwork for even Mayor Mare to handle. Not like anypony won't already find some misunderstandings, but we still can try to grasp the concept that the show wasn't meant for such popularity to come across it, it may just be that the creation of my little pony as a show wasn't fine tuned to suit people's lifestyles, first, and third world problems and/or politics. I'm sure any debatable occurrences could arise, but think, are they really trying to bring these political and global problems to such a young group. (Young being an average age quantity) If the show creators actually wanted to bring in these sort of depictions, they would probably try making a more suitable cartoon, one that can show political problems, one that may even have humor to it. But such a situation as feminism could create unrest (As seen during the women's suffrage crisis of the 19th century) such unrest could have many improbable outcomes. Some that could lead to havoc, others that may lead to depression, freedom, or chaos; these outcomes in which a widely vast company (With some pretty damn strict copyright laws) would hate to be the center cause of. Feminism is one thing, Targeted feminism is another.