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  1. Anybody here want to rate my future build? AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Sapphire Radeon r9 280x 3gb ASRock Micro ATX motherboard Crucial Ballistic Sport 4gb single DDR3 RAM Corsair builder series CX 500w power supply Rosewill Micro-ATX Mini Tower computer case Seagate Barracuda 1tb HDD All of the parts are being purchased off Amazon and will total up to about $598.12, plus an extra $100 for a copy of Windows 7.
  2. AMD Dual-Core Opteron 185 Nvidia gtx 285 (I think) 712mb vram 3gb RAM Windows XP SP3 32-bit It's mainly parts from 06' and 08', but it's still capable of running some new-ish games on low-mid settings at good frame rates.
  3. I'm surprised at nobody listing Ruby Gloom. If you like MLP, you need to check it out. It was basically FiM before FiM was a thing, and it even had a following on /b/ at one point. Also, I finally decided to check out My Life as a Teenage Robot, so I can add that one to my list. The art style (especially the backgrounds) is like candy to my eyes. I'm only four episodes in but from what I can tell the high-school aspect can be kinda lame and it's at it's best when it focuses on Jenny being a badass. Also, is Danny Phantom worth checking out? I vaguely remember it from my childhood and
  4. So Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, and Gravity Falls are all utter trash? Okay then
  5. Very cool! Actually, do you mind if I send you a PM? I have an interest in animation and I'd love to be able to chat with someone who has experience with it.
  6. Well, even if you're trying to simplify it down to it's core gameplay that's not gonna work. If you just ran around and shot things in Metroid Prime you wouldn't make any progress in it. You could probably go through most of the game (besides boss fights and certain encounters) without firing a shot besides for opening doors.
  7. Dude, you got to work on Rick and Morty? It sucks that you're not credited, but that's still pretty awesome regardless. Which episode(s) did you work on and what part of it?
  8. You might want to take another look at the topic title.
  9. I hate to be "That Guy", but Metroid Prime isn't a shooter.
  10. Due to my recent frustration with nostalgiatards and 90s kids, I'm curious as to how many of you are fans of modern TV/Web animation. Here are some of my favorites: Invader Zim Adventure Time Wander Over Yander Gravity Falls Avatar: The Last Airbender Rick and Morty Superjail Aqua Teen hunger Force Axe Cop Steven Universe Bee and Puppycat Ruby Gloom MLP:FiM (duh)
  11. Halo:CE has aged incredibly well, a lot better than others like Half-Life 1 and Goldeneye. Not saying those two games are bad of course, just that they haven't aged very well at all, especially HL (Good god, the platforming). I would also say Doom, but after playing Brutal Doom I don't think I'll ever be able to pick up the original again. I'd also say that perfect Dark has aged fairly well, in comparison to Goldeneye at least. Little things like easier access to equipment/gadgets, better guidance towards objectives, voice acting, and actual reload sequences make it feel a lot less archai
  12. I see you did not detect that everything I said was sarcasm. I thought the hashtag would give it away.
  13. I had my first day of school today (I'm a senior in high school) and I honestly haven't felt this fucking horrible since, well, when I was back at school last year. I hate being surrounded by people who are all better, happier, and more successful than me while I'm expected to just be happy with what I have (which is basically nothing). I don't care if I'm being narcissistic, fuck their happiness, fuck their relationships, and fuck their success.
  14. Obviously the only true way to improve these networks is to cancel everything currently airing and just air all the cartoons from the 90's. After all, there were only good cartoons during the 90's and everything today is crap. Also, stop using flash animation, because it totally doesn't take any skill to use and cannot be a legitimate art form because it's done on a computer. Get rid of all the "random" humor, because shows from the 90's like Catdog and Ren and Stimpy relied completely on logical, sensible jokes. #90sKid
  15. Harpuia

    Movies/TV Is traditional animation Dying

    Yes, digital is the future, and honestly I don't really see how it's a bad thing. Now, I don't mean frame-by-frame animation is dying out, I mean that traditional animation done only on paper is just impractical unless you have a huge budget, especially with all of the tools available to animators now. Frame by frame animation is something that's still going strong, just done without paper and with software instead.
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