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    my favorite characters are applejack and rainbow dash
  1. i had a black and white cat before, too, his name was oreo, but we let him out outside at night, and he never came back (i only let shasta go outside during the day) but i will get a picture!
  2. i have a cat, but i need a picture for her. her name is Shasta and she's about to turn 2 in human years.she is black and white, (people call those cats tuxedo cats) and she has yellow eyes
  3. Apple Dash


    Welcome today! you just won't find bronys here but pegasisters (like me) but anyways, make yourself at home! the picture is what forums is like today!
  4. anypony want me to draw a picture for them? I am in the process of making a picture for Feldo, for a thanks in helping me so much. soo does anypony else want a drawn mlp picture?
  5. Luna to nightmare moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So whats the weather been like? apparently, its wet at my place. I like the rain and all, but i keep on breaking the umbrellas! (they are soooo cheep!) anyway, where is a good shop for rain equipment? Target? Walmart? I don't want to end up all wet like rarity!
  7. wait soo am i aloud to sing a mlp song? (from the tv show) can i play it on the piano? or just sing and play it on the piano?
  8. Listen the ads is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a blue one. i know that the 3d part is bad for your eyes, but the ads has way more things to get.
  9. omg so much i draw anime all the time! i luv the anime tv show Lucky Star. try watching it on youtube!